The border on our backs

The Border on Our Backs The Robert Rodriguez written essay asks the reader to reconsider the history of America and the true meaning of an illegal immigrant. It reminds us that this land was stolen by the White man from the Red Skinned Indians. This is not American land per se. Rather, it is land that was illegally taken from the Indians. If we were to consider method by which the White Man came into possession of this vast tract of land, it will appear that even the White Man should be considered an illegal alien in this country.
The White Man shouts and complains about the illegal immigrants taking jobs away from them. But they never once stopped to consider that they took more than that from the Indians. Therefore, the Whites have no right to complain. They too have illegally taken from the rightful owners of this land. But we do not hear the Red Skins complaining, holding protest rallies, or even passing inhuman anti illegal immigrant laws do we now? No. That is being done by the very people who stole their birth right.
So we should stop to ask ourselves whether it is right to blame the illegals for what is happening in this country or, is this merely payback for the eons of history that tries to ignore the fact that the White man is living on land that does not belong to him while he incarcerates its rightful owners in reservation camps?