The best person in the world

You would probably think I’m talking about my mother from the title, but I’m actually talking about my brother Matthew. He has always been there for me and he always makes something funny out of a tragedy. My family isn’t perfect but it isn’t the worse family either. Matthew is the middle child out of five and supposedly the middle child is supposed to hold the family together and I think he does a good job at it. My family is mainly Kentucky Wildcat fans except for my brother Kent and my other brother Kyle. So Matthew is the only brother I can talk about UK without getting yelled at or something like that. Last year during the basketball season Matthew invited me over to his apartment to watch the Kentucky-Florida game. Sure Kentucky still lost but I thought we had some real brotherly moments in the ups and downs of the game. My brother Kyle came over half way through the game and he cheered for Florida so we kicked him out. When I was three or four years old I was going to a lot of Matthews high school soccer games, which he went to Southern. He only scored one goal in four years of playing but he dedicated that one goal to me so I thought that was very special. That is why I play soccer right so I can dedicate one goal to him even if it is in my senior season. My brother Kyle has his number this year but he’s a senior so maybe I can get it next year. Avery special moment between Matthew and I is in 2001 my family went to Disney World but Matthew was bringing his girlfriend Miranda. While we were packing up the car he told me that he was going to propose to Miranda so I figured that was very special that he would tell me first. All the way down there and the entire trip I kept on asking him if he was still going to do it, so I guess he was starting to regret telling me and thought that I was accidentally going to tell Miranda. So I think he proposed before he wanted to but it was a very beautiful story. He was kneeling down to get the camera out his backpack but he didn’t come up with a camera, instead he came up with an engagement ring. All of this was in front of Cinderella’s Castle. That is why Matthew is very special and why he is the best person in the world.