The beautiful handprint essay

It was a very beautiful sunny day. The sun was shining in a bright golden way. However, I was in a very sullen mood which darkened everything for me. I was raging against the grave injustice done to me. Since, my accident in the chemistry lab six months ago where my hand was badly burnt, I had gone from confident to meek and from judgmental to being judged.
I was just pondering about my ill fate when someone knocked and entered. It was my brother, Dave. He was twenty years old and already an inspiration to many. His, was not an easy life. When, he was just four years old he had met with a horrible accident which had left him disfigured for life. But, he never complained and never lost heart. I used to feel ashamed of him because to my young eyes he was ugly and different from others and when he had started going to school, everyone had nicknamed him ‘ Frankenstein’.
However, he was my rock these days. Now, after my own injury he did not seem so different. He coaxed me to go out and meet people but I flatly refused saying that I was too different from my friends now. He picked up my burnt hand and said to me, “ You are right. You are different and that’s why God has given you a different and a beautiful handprint.’’ I glared at him and jerked my hand away. He looked at me kindly, understanding far too well my bitterness.
He said, “ You know beauty is only skin deep. It’s your actions that define how different you are. Do not leave a hazy tale of a faded beauty but leave a blazing handprint behind. There is no shame in being different.” His words had a miraculous effect on me and I realized that being different is also normal.