The 4 ps of the marketing mix are price, product, promotion and place (distribution essay

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The triple bottom line accounting is a technique that develops the standards for evaluating organizational accomplishments beyond losses and profits. This accounting technique is responsible for analyzes and assesses the economic, community and ecological impacts of a company’s processes.
A P& L abbreviation refers to profit and loss statement. This is used to depict the financial statement that shows a summary of the expenses, incomes and costs incurred by a company thru a definite time frame.
The abbreviation SG & A stands for Selling, General and Administrative Expenses. It represents a revenue report which comprises wages, commissions, payroll expenses, advertising costs etc.
Bait and switch is a deceptive approach in which a vendor markets a product with the purpose of influencing consumers to buy an extra expensive product. A pro forma can be said to be the forecasted, assumed, or informal info presented in advance of the definite or official facts for an organization. TOWS is the acronym for threats, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths and is a form of analysis subsequently used by firms to develop strategies.
Dash boarding is a way of presenting information via use of graphic summarization of business data, regularly at a great level.
The line and staff structure is a variation of line organization. It is an administrative specialized and structured way of how assistive undertakings are devoted to the line of command by employing work managers and personnel experts who are committed to the line authority.

An example of a brand or product extension is Coke vs. Diet Coke
The two liquidity ratios include liquid assets and current assets. It is represented via a CA: CL ratio which ought to be always at least 1: 1 for any business to be balanced with sufficient short tenure assets to compensate short term commitments.
Factoring is a fiscal contract whereby a corporate vends its financial records, i. e., invoices to a 3rd party usually referred to as the factor at a cut rate.
The Federal Reserve has tasks of ensuring the steadiness of the monetary system via promoting maintainable development, great levels of occupation opportunities, strength of prices via aiding and preserving the buying power of the currency.