Texas govt class: paper 2

The Texas Democratic and Republican Platforms Introduction The political culture in Texas is mainly ified into two categories: the Texas Democratic platform and the Texas Republican platform. The Democratic Party has dominated the political scene in Texas since 1873 when Democrats won control of the statehouse and state legislature (Maxwell and crain, 124). However, there was a wave of change in the early 1960s and gained momentum in the 1990s, when George W. Bush was elected governor in 1994, under a Republican ticket, and later ran for the presidency in 1998 on the same ticket. During the 2002 elections, Texas Democrats had 177 seats in the US House of Representatives against 15 for the republicans. Fast forward to 2003, Republicans continued to have majority control in statehouse by a margin of 88 to62, with the majority of 19-12 over the Democrats in the state senate.
The Texas Democratic Platform
The Texas Democratic Party has its values rooted in the principles of equal opportunity, equality, freedom, and justice. The party prides itself in its efforts of leading the fights for civil rights, worker’s rights, healthcare, voting rights, immigrations and women rights. Texas democrats are of the opinion that a democratic government exists to achieve as a community, state and nation what we cannot achieve as individuals (Maxwell and Crain, 124). In its 2012, Texas Democratic Party Platform document, the preamble clearly outlines the party’s belief systems including, belief in inalienable rights, believe in freedom, believe in responsibility, believe in equal rights, believe in equal opportunities and the believe in America. These believe systems are expounded on extensively; for example, under the doctrine of equal opportunity, they believe in receiving quality education from childhood through college, access to affordable healthcare, buying or renting a good home in a safe environment, having their voices heard by the political community, breathing clean air and drinking clean water. Further, the Texas Democrat platform 2012 outlines in detail their proposed reforms on education, health care, Security, energy and conservation that are in tandem with their views.
The Republican Texas Platform
Contained in the Texas Republican Party 2012 Preamble, are statements of beliefs of the Texas republican people that include equality among all men with right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They believe in the preservation of freedom given by God, implemented by the founding fathers and protected by the constitution. They believe that the traditional family is the Nation’s strength and it is their duty to protect life and cultivate proper citizens. They also believe in a free enterprise society, free from government interference or subsidies. In addition, they believe in the safety of all American citizens at home, in the streets, in communities and have the right to defend themselves (Maxwell and Crain, 126).
Differences between Texas Democratic Platform and Texas Republican Platform
There are several glaring differences between the democratic and Republican 2012 platforms. First, the Democrats are more vocal in demanding more funding to allow access to kindergarten and early education. In addition, the funding should be used to improve community colleges and offer more scholarships for higher education. Increase in funding will also go the extra mile in improving Healthcare for all including the introduction of Medicaid, a government insurance policy for affordable healthcare to all Texans. Republicans, on the other hand, demand for career and technology platforms, corporal reprimand and equal conduct of all borders of scientific theories, around matters such as life origins and environmental transformation. Evidently, the republicans are keener on all matters religious and values and the importance of instilling these values. The Texas Republican platform is opposed to health insurance reforms that might threaten America’s small businesses, and working families’ development. Surprisingly though, is the Republican outright opposition to High Order Thinking Skills, critical thinking skill and all other programs that might contest student’s fixed beliefs and destabilize parental authority.
The differences between the two platforms are obviously of significant magnitude, dividing the Texas people significantly, if not equally. However, all statewide Texas offices are controlled by republicans with majority in Texas congressional delegation. This makes Texas the most republican state in the United States where 57. 19% of the population voting for a republican presidential candidate, compared to Democrat’s 41. 35% (Maxwell and Crain, 127).
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