Terrorism studies dissertation critical thinking

Possible Topics

1. Counter-terrorism measures and violation of human rights. Are counter-terrorism measures counterproductive in preventing terrorism or do they violate human rights?

A Case of the US PATRIOTIC ACT of 2001

– Analyzing the effectiveness of counter-terrorism measures in preventing terrorism (McDonald and Mir 2011).
– Finding out whether counter-terrorism measures lead to violation of human rights.
– Evaluating the effects of counter-terrorism measures in contributing to animosity between the religious affiliations i. e Muslims verses the rest of the world.
– Analyzing the effects of the PATRIOTIC ACT with regards to violation of Liberty rights and its violation on the provisions of the US constitution.
2. The relationship between terrorism and the worldwide media. Why the media contribute in the spread of terrorism?


– Evaluating the role played by the world media in relaying information related to terrorism (McDonald and Mir 2011).
– Analyzing the manner in which terrorism is presented in the international media.
3. The relationship between Jihad and modern acts of terrorism (McDonald and Mir 2011). Do beliefs in the Jihad contribute to the rampant cases of suicide bombings?
– Analyzing the true roots of Jihad and its significance in the Muslim religion.
– Evaluating any relationships between modern acts of terror and Jihad bombings?
– Find out connections between international terror organizations and Jihad.
– The relationship between Jihad and modern acts of terrorism. Do beliefs in the Jihad contribute to the rampant cases of suicide bombings?
4. The role of use non-military response to counter-terrorism (McDonald and Mir 2011). Will the use of non-military strategies provide a better solution to counter acts of terrorism? Areas of research
– Alternative policies that can be used to prevent terrorist acts.
– Punitive measures taken against rogue organizations or nations that support terrorism.
– Relying on religious leaders to advice the youth on the true Muslim ways that do not include violence as a solution strategy.

Work cited

McDonald, Bob., & Mir, Yaser. Al-Qaida-influenced violent extremism, UK government prevention policy and community engagement: Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, 3 (1): 2011, 32 – 44