Term paper on leadership

Term Paper on Leadership Term Paper on Leadership The term paper is a discussion about leadership. The first part of the paper discusses the difference between a manager and a leader. According to the paper, a leader is somebody who does things perfectly and who knows where to go, while a manager will show you how to do things perfectly and how to meet your objectives. However, leadership and managerial work always go hand in hand.
According to the paper to be an effective leader, he should be able to guide his followers toward the achievement of their goals. He should learn to listen to his followers but at the same time direct them towards the right path. A leader must be seen by his followers as someone whom they can depend on and give them appropriate advice when needed. The paper also explained that effective leaders must be able to put people into action, pressure others, encourage cooperation, authorize people, take smart risks and make tough decisions.
Another aspect of an effective leader is that he should learn to appreciate the work done by his followers. He should give credit where credit is due. He must learn to praise and thank his followers for doing a good job.
The paper also suggests that leaders must try to learn from other leaders. He should learn the different leadership styles which are applicable to the situation. He can achieve this by attending seminars or trainings on leadership.
One of the main ideas in the paper is about how a leader is made. It states that a leader is a combination of inborn qualities as well as qualities that are learned through training and experience. Although there are qualities of a leader which he was born with, to make him an effective leader he still has to polish his qualities and try to develop and improve them further.