Term paper on cis 499 project deliverable 6: project plan


Review of the scalability of the current information technology in addition to the implementation of the development of demanded facilities and software system integration and expansion to cater for future business opening out, forms part of my greatest duty in this new cyber security insurance provider. Being the provider of cyber security to various agencies both private and public including the government, we are determined to ensuring utmost security to information of our clients while maintaining systems availability and integrity at an instrumental cost of $25 million.
The company currently offers data centre service client hosting and IT network security. The network security has the following outsourced services to clients, provision of desktop antivirus and firewalls licenses. The company in addition hosts clients in the data centre facility, among the hosted are the various government agencies and private business organizations in demand of high information security guarantee. The company has 20 employees occupying a single floor of a building. The company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) expects the human resource to build up three times the current population of company in the next one and half year. The company is also expected to extend its technological to occupy at least another one floor in addition to the current floor.
In the design process, the design team comprising of programmers, database administrators and information security experts should critically evaluate each and every phase to come up with a standard warehouse that satisfies the organization’s objectives. The data house is structured into functional groups or specialty areas such as employee details, departments or project characteristics. The warehouse contains various data marts structure and located at various departments, with functions of daily tracking information and data concerning clients.


The company aims at maximizing the efforts of its IT staff to ensure that its services are coordinated in an organized and efficient manner. The IT team includes the CIO, system security administrator, physical network engineer and electrical engineer. The network engineer is charged with the responsibility of guaranteeing integrity and maximum physical network security of the organization. The electrical engineer makes sure that the routine technical maneuver of the data centre among them is environmental control and ensuring electrical power availability for the organizations vital infrastructure and finally, the administration of logical antivirus and firewall licensing.
The data achieves its operations effectiveness by collecting attribute and variable data related to the effectiveness of the company’s outsourced services in inclusion of software and hardware. Variable data relates the performance and the comparison of the various technologies services aimed at ensuring customers satisfaction. For instance the comparison of the effectiveness of physical network or different and data centre infrastructures from the various vendors is an example of variable data utilization employed by the company. The project also seeks to provide a software and hardware combination which will serve to assist managers in making business decisions. This is achieved through provision of analyzed relevant information to managers as it is collected by the information system.
The company employee data warehousing to store data collected from various clients. This automates the business data system by collecting client’s information automatically. The company obtains data from the web and integrates it with the operational data it obtains from its clients to arrive at a conclusion and forecast on the future. The data obtained in a meaningful process need to be analyzed, transformed and aggregated at different levels of abstraction. Thus, data content is one value added feature utilized by e-commerce sites to convey a relationship with the user. Data content is comprised of textual and graphic representation sourced from HTML/XML pages and scripts (Gabor, 2007). The content data involves the semantic or structural meta-data that are embedded within pages sites, attributes descriptive keywords among others.
Abstract schemas are prepared and identified with various entities using an entity relationship data representation. Similarly, in object-oriented data representation, objects are represented with different classes with a provision that differentiate functional primary data from processes that are involved in creation modification of such data. The functional areas are primarily mapped out during the problem definition stage and should be independent of other processes. This is one crucial stage that should not be overlooked by the design team in order to produce a functional database. A well designed warehouse will allow history rewriting and successful data rollback. In order to achieve this, the designers will have to introduce data in appropriate granularity levels to allow administrators to update the rights of historical data.
Data in the warehouse is non-volatile and as such would require mass loading. The data should be carefully transitioned from the current information systems to the new database in a careful manner through specialized procedures. Through the use of tools such as clearing tools, the data is scrubbed, audited, and safely migrated. Load utilities also came in to be used in the transfer of clean data to the new established warehouse. The safely transferred data is usually guarded by use of appropriate credentials administered by the administrator.
Data is moved from various databases to the new created warehouse where cleaning, verification and validation are conducted before it is finally stored in designated marts. The various sources of data represent sources such as clients, customers, suppliers, the management and other third party players. For instance the clients table link to the particular department data marts which subsequently link to marketing and decision support systems.

Overview of project deliverables

While planning for a project, there are important aspects you ought to look into as the project manager. This includes ensuring that the project will be concluding timely and that your project will cost no more than what was planned.  This two will help your chances of delivering your project due the allocated time. This two overview issues will assist you as a project manager into delivering the project with no major challenges. First, as the project manager, I have developed measures that will help the organization come up a modern technology system that is affordable by BRITAM insurance company. This is by developing a modern warehouse that is designed to monitor the organization progress and predict the future trends. As the new CIO, our role is to reach the project budget and within the time. Secondly, we have developed a competitive modern security system that will offer modern protect to the organization and our esteemed client thus making BRITAM secured. This project has been designed to reach our clients request by providing secure screening program that will ensure maximum security offered to them every visit they make here. Additionally, the system has been designed to break down the amount of work by dividing the amount or work systematically.
In the above chart, one can clearly see the number of major department that the system is designed to accommodate. This helps the project manager to be able to manage the program easily. As for the manager of the program, the amount of work done will determine the program in a sequence. The system uses a huddle of servers that requires a connection network from the server. There are certain requirements that are important for there to be clear communication. In this program, we examine Cloud Networking-as-a-Service (CloudNaaS) that lengthens the mode of transmission from the cloud beyond the server. The construct is designed to accommodate for address, middle box and virtual network, which means the transmission speed, is designed to be linked from the server using cloud connections. The logical requirement for the network matrix, which takes two, input from the cloud server, which is new request from the system. Thus by providing the above issues, the project chances of delivering will have been increased waiting approval from the committee.

Estimated cost analysis

The general work breakdown structures are the elements use to determine the cost estimate of the project. The initial cost estimate of Britam is $25, 000, 000 which is use to determine the project plan financial position or fate. The startup cost of the project would be 15 million whereas the operational cost is an estimate of 5million. The total revenue (25million) would therefore by calculated by summing up all the development cost (start up cost) and production cost, which includes operating cost.
The estimate cost covers the human capital, that is the cost of engineering would by estimated to ensure that there a reliable task level. This means that the organization would have to distribute the estimate initial cost over the expenditure. The cost would cover overall expenditure in relation to the initial capital in order to realize the target profit. It therefore makes an estimate of direct labor, professional, assistance in the organization and other incurred expenses. Below is an estimate of how the initial cost would be evenly distributed over the expenses of the organization in millions dollars.

The value of the project plan solution to the competitive advantage that information technology

The value of the project plan is an advantage to competition the sense that the organization’s immense data disposal gets a suitable solution (Group, 2012). The competitors using the relational database to analyze and leverage enormous volumes of data are shut out by the organization in the information system industry. The Britam insurance company is in the better position to necessitate a database system with capacity of transforming the data into meaningful statistics. The value of the project plan relates to the competitive advantage through the designing of an effective data warehouse responsible in the collection and analysis of the data using technical process such as operational analysis and web analytics.
The organization is able to predict on the future activities compared to it’s competitors because the value of the project has enabled it to integrate data from the web with the data in an operation that was previously obtained from the client. The project simplifies the big data hence posing competitive advantage over its competitors in the insurance industry. This is as a result its engagement in the web analysis with the purpose of assisting emerging organizations or business entities come up with a simplified dashboard that monitor the general track of operation metrics thus exploiting the available opportunities and setting of preventing measure to boost their competitiveness.
The value of the project plan that are of importance in the competition are site visits, web log files, PHP and JavaScript page tags and data from financial systems, business related metrics and other sources. All these are integrated to ensure the organization competitive levels are higher than other organization in the same industry. The proper implement of the plan would contribute to the competitive advantage that information technology will afford to Britam insurance organization.


However, in the case of the project failure, there are super-computer developers who have the knowledge and ability to provide with solutions in case the system failure, development and improvement. A good example of network engineer developers is the Watson super computer company who has expertise in the above relating field of cloud technology. Watson supercomputers can manage to improve the system to accommodate large memory information. Watson Company can improve the system because their system is designed to accommodate large memory and avoid BRITAM from losing important information regarding their clients. They have designed computers that can auto back up information while other programs are still running. This will help BRITAM ensure the customers satisfaction. In additions to this Watson Company can also assist in implementing the project after the project approval by the committee. Watson Company has the knowledge and ability of modern security system in networking and data management. Therefore they best fit in the position of implementing the project.
Britam insurance deals with crucial matter. It insures on the safety and data analysis. The company engages on timely revision and upgrading of their system in an effort to achieve the customer’s satisfaction. The company is involved in creative graphics and design. It assists small businesses to create dashboards and analyze their web design Britam aggregates deals with the data in the web by dealing with logs, and other related web designs.

The analytical interface

CMS systems and the Analytical tools, which play a crucial role in the delivery of information, enhance the analysis. They provide a click through due to the necessity and urgency of the matter. It allows customers to set a user-centric analytical tool in setting the model parameters and repaired visuals.

The interface the organization uses includes the below diagram.

Need for cloud computing
The data clouding poses a great danger upon the database due to the AES encryption techniques. The cloud platform to ensure protection of the network shows encryption in user policies and management. The data are transmitted for analysis in the including in the idea that protection is enhanced due to the current world status in order to leverage large data in convention to usable analytics (Group, 2012).
It is important to view on the flow chart below in the transformation of Useful deliverables and important steps as done in during deliverables.

It is recommended that concrete security implementations be performed in the safeguarding information in clouds.

On the deliverables, a manager requires the techniques to ensure the project is implemented. The deliverables suggested need to be tested to ensure the new system and is safety is taken care. Technology in Cloud Networking-as-a-Service (CloudNaaS) helps in lengthening the time of transmission. Cloud connections ensure the server is accessible to the data from other sources (Group, 2012). Watson Company helps in web designs that enhance the wed transmission to further places.

Project introduction

This tells of the role of the Information Officer (CIO). The duties delivered include the reviewing of the information system that is up to date, infrastructure and the development of software. As a reliable cyber, security insurer the CIO monitors the progress in protection.
The IT team includes the key players in completion of the project, for example the system security manager, engineer and a web administrator who checks on the antivirus protection and the efficient firewall with the latest version. The organization has taken the initiative to employ suit HP, net app, IBM and the system in all countries. The integration and connections with different business vendors is to ensure wider coverage of the information in an aim to ensure business continuity. The organization employed Cisco networking in ensuring that it is protected and up to date in ensuring the flow of information and computer application (Shelly, 2012).
In ensuring the data, retrieval is effective the company ensures that it has a secret code and proper storage both for backup storage and data retrieval software. In addition, the company has implemented proper management using the wide range of information systems and operations (Gabor, 2007). The warehouse created to help keep old data, which may require. The massive storage Ensure that codes and unique properties are stored safely and can be accessed effectively. In brief, the importance of data protecting creates trust among the beneficiaries. The system has outlined the best systems to be relied on in ensuring the Britam Company meets its desires and objectives.


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