Television shows essay sample

Classification of television shows

There are a number of criteria that have been used to classify television shows. However, the most important thing to note is the fact that this classification is done based on the information that the show airs, as well as the audience the show targets. The audience in this case is based and classified on the age, sex and gender, class as well as the lifestyles that different people prefer. Secondly, the people’s taste and preferences when it comes to the particular information being passed across when airing the television is also an important factor to consider in the classification of different television shows. Bearing this in mind, it will be easy to classify as well as understand the differences between each of the categories discussed below.
1. Talk shows

Otherwise referred to as chat shows, these are the television shows which are commonly hosted by a strong and celebrated television personality, and their main aim is to tackle issues that affect people on their day to day basis. The most important thing to note concerning these television shows is that unlike many other shows, they are interactive whereby people who in this case are the television viewers have the opportunity to share their views too concerning the issue under discussion. These issues may range from political to social, economic, cultural and even environmental issues and any other issue that affects the society in which we live.
2. Shopping shows

These are the shows that introduce their viewers to different products in the market and in this case the customers (both potential and actual) get to learn more about these products and services, as well as how best to access them. Shopping shows are most important based on the fact that the keep their viewers updated with the current and latest products, electronics, accessories and services in the market, as well as the changes in price.
3. Lifestyle shows

This is the categorization of television shows that keep the viewers updated with the latest in their social lives as well as the new trends, both locally and internationally. Just like many other television shows’ categorizations, lifestyle shows have specific target audience they wish to reach out for, based on the fact that due to demographical differences between people such as age, gender, race among others, different people have different tastes even in their social lives. Some of the issues addressed in these lifestyle shows include fashion, health and diet, events, gardening shows among others.
4. Geographic and wildlife shows

These are unique shows that specifically address and bring to a closer attention the differences in the geographical world. They mainly address geographical and wildlife conservation as well as the impacts that they have both locally and internationally, and these include factors such as tourism, care for these animals and the entire ecological set up as well. Some of the most renowned geographical shows include National Geographic.
5. Entertainment shows

These are most common especially in the mornings and evenings whose main aim is to entertain their viewers. Their classification is basically based on the age of the people they target, and most of these shows have parental advisory based on the most ideal age for the viewers. Some of these include music shows, soap operas, drama as well as cartoon shows.