Michael K A Hat’s voice What’s so special about a hat? Does it really say something about you? Why spend so much money on it when it will get worn down, wet, and sweated in? A hat doesn’t feed me when I’m hungry, like my favorite dish on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t get me friends when I feel lonely, likeFacebookor any social media can.

I can say a hat is special it is a reminder of when I got it, and who you got it from. Mine is a reminder of where I got it and where I am going. It is special because it says a lot about who I am to what my values are just by what I do in my hat. For example, it could say “ I’m a hard worker,” by looking at the sweat stains. Or even a hat says much about you like “ I’m on vacation” by looking at the straw weaving.

I believe in a hat because it reflects who I am and what I love. My hat reflects my character and my values. It meant so much to me when I put my hat on and it showed I’m a proud American. I saw my older sister dressed in a perfectly ironed uniform and then me and my family go running in for a hug. My sister gave me this hat and I knew whenever I would wear this dark army green hat with a print of the one and only black rubery American flag, that I might as well screams I’m supporter of the army.

The hat helps express that I am so proud of my sister for doing what most men couldn’t even do. The day she graduated from boot camp was when I realized how much my family actually meant to me because after being separated from my sister for what felt like eternity I knew I couldn’t live without them. Not only does this say that I value my family, but that I value my home, country, and military. When I wear it tells you the type of person I am. I am the type of person to work hard and that loves to have fun. If you see me working outside, under the bluest sky, you’ll see me sporting the best hat to work in.

My dark green cotton hat is being worn backwards shading my tan and slightly pink neck from the brutal rays of the sun. As I walk with the shovel, lawn mower, weed wacker, my blonde hair peeks over the solid black letters that read Army. And knowing I feel the top of my head getting slight thumps knowing that my hat is taking the impact of small chunks of dirt, so I keep on going. I believe in a hat because it reflects who I am and what I love. My hat may not feed me when I’m hungry, but it holds memories of times when I worked hard. My hat will always help push me to work hard for my family and myself.

My hat may not make friends for me, but it will never let me forget that I have my family that I love and care so much for. My hat can say so much about me, and is worth more than money to me. It’s about the days that I sweated in it and got it wet and dirty. The days when I didn’t take it off till I fell asleep. The days where my hair was so flat from the time it spent in my glorious hat. My hat isn’t about the material but about the memories preserved in it.