Technology at the work place

It also has the capability of providing annotations of the evidence produced, for use by the jury, the trial judge/ magistrate, and the various counsels present. This is the main technology in use at the courtrooms (Rowland, Uta and Andrew, 32). Within the offices, employees of the organization use Microsoft software’s to process the needed information.
The soft wares in use are the Microsoft word, and this is in use mostly by clerks. Ms Power Point is used by the managerial staff when they make presentations during seminars and conferences. By looking at these technological applications in my organization, I can conclude that it is ahead of other institutions of justice in the use of technology. Though most of these organizations use Microsoft software’s, they are yet to develop the mobile evidence presentation system that has the capability of easing the manner in which evidence is produced at the courtroom.
The courthouse has managed to train its employees on how to handle the technological inventions it uses. During orientations, new employees obtain guidelines on the functionalities of the various technological gadgets in use. Due to this orientation, I gained the knowledge and capability of using these gadgets, and therefore technology does not affect my performance. However, there are numerous ways that technology can hinder progress in the workplace. They are (Rowland, Uta and Andrew, 21);
1. Inability to weigh between the opportunities, and the risks that the technology in use brings about. For instance, the use of technological know-how such as powerpoint presentations, requires adequate preparations, identification of main files, and thereafter loaded into the presentation software. This activity takes a lot of time, and this can be a factor in hindering the application of technological know-how, in a courthouse.
2. There is also the problem of information overload. For instance, in using powerpoint presentations, there is the dilemma of the kind of information to include in the slides. It is important to include the main points in a slide so that it should not affect the memorization of the main issue that a person wants to address. Too much information can lead to confusion, and inability to grasp on what the presenter intends to communicate.
In conclusion, the use of technology can result to the increase of efficiency in the manner in which employees conduct their affairs. This is because the modern economic and development world is driven by technological innovations. In the courtrooms, visual technological innovations such as power points, enable an attorney to get positive results while presenting his or her case. It is therefore important to use technological inventions at institutions of justice.