Summer vacation essay

[pic] When flame flowers begin blooming, it is the time for students to stop schooling and expect the “ summer vacation” which is very important to them. After 9 months of hard work, they need time to relax before continuing their studies at a higher level. So, how can they have a useful and meaningful summer vacation? As we know, students have been taught a lot from books, but in reality, many of them have never seen a live cow, a live buffalo or they cannot imagine what a rice field is really like. They also learn a lot about the country and people, historical vestiges, ancient temples, mausoleums or beautiful places, but they have never seen these with their own eyes. So trips on summer days to the countryside, to a mountainous region, to the historical sites or famous places in the country will help them. Another thing is worth mentioning here.

In summer vacations in recent years, thousands of high school and college students have participated in “ Green Summer Volunteer Campaign”. They go to rural areas or mountainuos regions to teach illiterature people and to hold many summer activities for local students. At the same time, they also help local people repair houses, build lanes as well as bridges in remote hamlets or villages. Those summer activities are very useful and meaningful to them. Moreover, they also accumulate a lot of knowledge for their lessons in school from society. Also, many students take advantage of summer vacations to do part-time jobs.

Thanks to these jobs, they can earn some money for their next school year. In addition, when doing part-time jobs, they can accumulate some experiences in working environment, and can improve communicative skills. In short, depending on each one’s situation, the student can choose suitable ways to spend their summer holidays useful and meaningful.