Studying popular culture essay sample


Nowadays the problem of defining and studying popular culture is being discussed and talked over and over again. We express ourselves watching this or that TV show, we feel safe because we know that there are thousands of people who share same interests. This understanding helps as we all are trying to live happily. Sometimes a feeling that you are a part of something big makes a difference for a person. Sure, it is not very sophisticated, but it can give comfort and provide you with positive emotions. Not being able to express personality often leads to depression. However, it is common for popular culture to be insulted as it is seen as something ‘ girly’ or ‘ childish’.
Keywords: popular culture, personality, interests.

Studying popular culture

There are a lot of views on popular culture as it develops quickly, especially in a modern society. New generation can not imagine their lives without technical devices. This fact very often irritates people who are not used to the gadgets. However, there are a lot of positive effects of these changes. It allows us to communicate faster. These processes are needed for creating new acquaintances, studying, managing your life. Sometimes people can be ignorant because ‘popular culture’ is considered to be explicit and inappropriate. Nevertheless, ‘pop culture involves the aspects of social life most actively involved in by the public’ (Delaney, 2007) – this is not a full description of the term but it is headed in a right direction.
Each époque is different and has specifics which are based mainly on the people factor. It is formed on the foundation of what is interesting and important at this point of their lives, what can help them to be entertained. Mass media is created to let people forget all of their troubles for a little while, in other words to grant them their own, small oblivion. Popular music, TV, even food is an example of popular culture. We can see a fast development in technology that gives us an access to private parts of our lives, that is why it is hard to define the term as well as study it. On one hand, we have listed the advantages of ‘popular culture’, which helps modern society to be always in touch and informed, makes people happier and more interested in social activities.
On the other, it is considered to be ‘unhealthy’ and ‘tasteless’. These words are quite harsh and while it sure can not hurt to check what kind of TV shows your kids are watching, prohibiting to listen to popular bands or ‘follow’ famous people on social platforms will not help them in expressing themselves. There is always a need to talk to younger generation about blind adoration of somebody, but it is also important to explain that they are able to show their individuality, behaving differently from different artists etc.


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