Strategy as revolution

The article “ Strategy as Revolution” by Gary Hamel discusses the decision-making process, its importance and significance for implementing and developing revolutionary strategy. Gary Hamel, the author of the article, argues that nowadays senior executives don’t often asks the rest of the organization bout the future prospects meaning that they are not interested and motivated enough to predict the future outcomes. The author emphasized that senior executives should be more responsible and accurate in decision-making, because is shapes company’s performance and stability. Hamel admits that many companies consider strategy developing just simple procedure consisting of following simply industry’s rules. Nevertheless, it is stated that more companies realize the importance of strategy making and thus tend to rewrite and to overturn the industrial order.

Therefore the author tries to define the proper ways out and to persuade companies to take necessary measures. It is necessary to outline that findings presented in the article significantly contribute the evidence that the better the strategy is developed, the better company’s performance in the market. The article leads through abundant data presented to persuade readers that the problem has to be resolved. The author is rather persuasive, because he uses logical arguments, conclusions, facts and viewpoints of different critics to defend his position. Author’s achievement is working out a strategy as a revolution. Such suggestion leads to better understanding of the strategy and provides new approaches to it.

For example, Gary offers ten principles how to work out truly revolutionary strategy. There is an idea that strategic planning is the most fundamental principle, though it is not strategic innovation and uses only small percentage of company’s creative potential. For many companies, as it is mentioned above, strategic planning is a route procedure. Hamel assets that industry should be revolutionized and senior managers should “ give up their monopoly on the creation of strategy”. The article is thus innovative as this field of study remains unexplored.

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