Steven stoots

Stephen is my best friend, and he has been since we were 5 years old. Now he’s this nice person and we are like those two peas that you can see in the pod when you crack it open. He’s really smart, he is in honors classes at Eisenhower and he knows a lot more than I do. He is also the goofiest person I know, other than me. He is a very snazzy person when it comes to clothes and when he goes to church he is always dressed really nice. He’s most likely as tall as Mr.

Hurelbrink, he also has green glowing eyes. His mom is partly Native American so he’s tan, and has dark hair. Stephen has always been in sports, soccer, he used to be homeschooled but also he played soccer for the YMCA, now that he’s in high school he plays soccer for Eisenhower. In the summer he plays tennis for Fairview Park and does that in the summer. Other activities he does is goes to the zoo to help out there with animals and other things for community service.

He is always playing some sort of game when he is at home. Every time I go over there to hang out or spend the night we always play on the computer together or watching movies. We sometimes go outside and have airsoft wars to stretch our legs when we’ve played games all day. His voice has some tone to it so everytime I hear it I can tell it’s him, because it’s like a mix of a frog, with that somewhat deepness to it, and also a dog for that high pitched part in there. He has always been there for me and he has been my closest brother for years and I’m hoping we can keep that same bond of brothers until we’re old and can barely walk anymore.