Statement in ryerson university on educational program in the accounting field

Statement in Ryerson University on Educational Program in the Accounting Field
I am interested in applying to Ryerson University as a transfer student. Due to the fact that I am majoring in accounting and I like your educational program in the accounting field I feel that your institution and my interests match and that I am able to obtain my goals and objectives in this area.
I am currently enrolled at the University of Toronto and I want to transfer into your Business Management Program majoring in Accounting. I am presently enrolled at Ryerson University taking courses through your Continuing Education Program to increase my grade point average and I am also taking several high school courses that will help me in obtaining more knowledge. I have enjoyed taking these courses since I continue to learn. Your university is appealing to me because your Business Management Program puts forward the inimitable learning opportunities to attain my roadmap to success.
I have been involved as a volunteer at a learning disabilities association where I help children develop their social skills. This is a breather for me because I am dedicated in helping others in need. It is also a positive distraction from my business oriented mind.
After college, I intend to become a highly-skilled specialist as an Accountant. You institution will help me open doors into the Indian commerce which is making changes in its business developments.
I am an analytical person. I am an organized and detailed person. I start and finish tasks before or on their due dates. I work independently and as a team member. I speak Punjabi, English, and Hindi. This gives me the opportunity to do research using primary sources under the guidance of your faculty. Given that I am aware of the differences and similarities of people from different countries I will be in a position to not only translate verbatim but I will also take into consideration the culture, customs, traditions, and history during this process. This will make me an asset to your faculty members that are conducting international research. The bottom line for any company is to be cost effective. International businesses have been taking these elements into consideration for over two decades so as to not have business transaction fail as with the Coca-Cola soft drink in Thailand, the Nestle powdered milk in Africa, and the NOVA automobile in Venezuela. We do not want history to repeat itself.
As you will have noticed I have been involved in academia and I have also taken the initiative to work in other areas of interest. Academia and these areas of interest have helped me to become the person I am now.
I have clear goals and objectives and I am pro diversity. I hope that Ryerson University gives me the opportunity to be part of its undergraduate program so that I may achieve my goals and objectives. Being part of your institution will allow me to open doors in the future and make you proud that I was once, one of your undergraduate students.