Stark industries essay

Stark industry is a fictional billion-dollar multinational defense firm in the USA. The company specializes in advance weaponry and dedicates its work for improving weapons used in warfare. The company also is directly linked to supply United States army advanced weapons that helps them fight terrorists around the world. Thetechnologyused by stark industry is far advanced than any other companies in the world. This is due to the fact that Tony Stark, their CEO is a genius. To give a brief background on the stark industries weaponry, we must first know what makes it unique. Stark industries was established by Tony Stark’s father. Together with business partner Obadiah Stane, Tony’s father created a billion dollar company that supported United States department of defense in its wars. It was stated in the film that stark industries under Tony’s Dad created the nuclear bomb. Unfortunately stark industries was left hanging when Tony’s father and mother was in traffic accident that killed them both.

At age 21, Tony was force to become the company CEO and inherit his father’s legacy of weapons development. In term of weaponry, Tony Stark’s input on the creation of high tech weapons helped the company become of the best in making innovative weapons. As an MIT graduate at an age of 19, he was great at weapon creations. In the film, we can see his latest weapon is a rocket that can disengage multiple small rockets that can hit multiply targets in one shot. His weapon engineering skills propels the United States army to fight terrorist and ensure their victory in the war ofterrorism.

In the comic world of Iron man, Stark Industries plays a vital role in his weapons. The company provided Tony with equipments in which he uses to create his modified armors and new functions in it. We can see that high technology computers Tony is using in his laboratory of weapon creations beneath his house. The equipments are all from stark industries and it helped him in improving the model he used as Iron Man. The machines that created iron man suit were courtesy of Stark Industries. We can say that without stark industries, Tony stark will have a hard time constructing a suit that is as efficient and good as the iron man suit he created using high tech machinery. Without stark industries, the weapons he used in the film such as the homing missile, the automatedartificial intelligencein his suit, the energy source of his armor and the photon rays he used to fly and shoot won’t be possible. Iron man’s successful creation and functions is highly dependent on the technology of Stark Industries. We should also put emphasis on the power source of irom man suit. The power source Tony stark used o power up his heart was said to be stark’s industries long time project. This project was first acknowledged as a useless and untested kind of power. By testing it in his own heart and using it his first prototype of the suit, tony stark used stark industry technology and saved his life as well as make him a perfect armor suit. Iron man’s beginnings were clearly dependent on stark industries resources. Related the strength management program of the national guard

As Ceo of Stark Industries, Tony was a typical happy go lucky billionaire. In the film, he is depicted as a womanizer, gambler, arrogant, rich, mischievous and charismatic billionaire. He was shown to be a credible CEO because of his unique skill to create weapons and his charismatic image toward s the press and public. As CEO of stark industries, tony lived up to the expectations of his father and partner Obadiah stane. He delivered the best weapons to the United States Army and he was helping them in winning the fight against terrorism. As a good friend of James Rhodes, one of the high ranking army officials, Tony ensured stark industries’ support for al military programs. Tony supplied the army with the best technology possible. He was even the one who delivers and presents new weapons to soldier to demonstrate its capabilities. As a CEO, he was a little bit irresponsible in terms of being on time for meeting or social events but he means business when it comes to the real event. He is the face of the stark industries and he delivers when needed.

The Core competency of Tony lies in his character. As a CEO and superhero, Tony has a clear mindset on what he must do. Earlier in the film, before Tony stark became iron man, He was focus and motivated to make good weapons. He was hard working and at the same time knows how to enjoy life. His competency in weapon engineering is far beyond of what is required of him. His genius mind earned him a degree in MIT at an age of 19. He graduated top of his class and then after two years was forced to take on a billion dollar firm. He was hard working, intelligent and driven. He also has good interpersonal skill. As CEO, Tony is very charismatic. In a scene in start of the film, he was able to talk to soldier as if they were his friends even though they were on a mission. His also is intimidating. Being the head of a large organization requires power andrespect. Hispersonalityis perfect for it. He can easily intimidate people and his presence alone can affect people’s feelings. This is one of his competencies as a leader of Stark Industry. As Iron man, Tony showed us that he had an epiphany. He saw what his weapons were doing to the world. He realized that no matter hoe advance and good his weapons are; there is a chance that it will fall on the wrong hands. After being captured by terrorist, he develops a sense of righteousness. He felt that he has aresponsibilityto help and change the world. This makes him very competent to be CEO and at the same time part time superhero. He clearly understands what is happening. His gained wisdom and is trying to correct his past mistakes through his decision making.

Tony Stark’s values as a person are simple. He wants to see things happen. He is a person that wants change and he sees to it he will play a big role in making it happen. At first Tony thought that by making great weapons he could change the world. He saw stark industries as a savior and helping humanity by keeping terrorist at bay because the US army had bigger guns. Stark’s values were always towards the greater good. The only difference is that after being abducted and seeing the way his company is dealing with terrorist; he slowly changed to another perspective in how to manufacture and use his company’s weaponry to good use. His manufacturing of iron man made him a hero in his own way. His values did not shift from wrong to right. He always had thought of doing something nice for the country. The difference now is that he saw the reality that arms dealing has a darker side especially with a billion dollar corporation. His company’s stock holders were dealing under the table and he was forced as CEO to take things into his own hands. He craved for justice. Iron man was his way of using his technology and stops the evil of the world. He fought off terrorism and destroyed the perpetrator of stark industry’s below the table agreements with terrorist, Obadiah Stane. For a person that values helping others, he was alone. He did not have anyone but his assistant, Pepper. Surprisingly, everyone thought Stark was a womanizer. He would play around with women and dump them by the end of the day. But by the end of the movie it looks like he values love and companionship also. He found love in his assistant Pepper.

Stark Industry’s SWOT analysis based on the film is very interesting to see. For the company’s strength, stark industry has been one fo the top companies in the world in providing military weapons. Their technology is far advanced than any other company around the world. They have great scientist and Tony on board. This means they can create more powerful machineries in the future. Their Ties to the government and SHIELD is also an advantage. They can know the latest threat and try to develop more sophisticated weapons to fend off terrorist. Being a multinational company, they can ship weapons and products around the world in an instant. They have resources that will enable them to further expand and get richer. They have assets like plants, buildings, and infrastructure that is vital in a company’s future. Heir greatest strength of course is Tony Stark.

The company’s weakness lies in the board of directors. Since not everyone is like Tony, the board of directors is made up of rich and arrogant billionaires. They might have a different perspective and their goal is towards makingmoney. By having thisgoals, they might later on sell arms to terrorist again. Their strengths of having military connection is also their weakness. They have the pressure of providing the United States army with weapons entail to help them in their pursuit of their military interest. If ever there will coe a time that the army will be doing something unethical, Stark industry will be held liable also since they were supplying them with weapons. The facts that board of directors control the decision making process for the company, Tony will have a hard time in convincing them to always play by the book. They might override Tony’s decision any time they feel it is impropriate for the company.

Opportunity wise, the company is expanding. With the new governance of Tony Stark, they company might have great opportunities ahead of them. Since James Rhodes has a good relationship with Tony, he might be able to expand their network by providing them opportunities to manufacture better weapons. Tony also has a keen sense of social responsibility. The company has opportunities to help change the world. Examples of good opportunities are donating to charity, making new inventions that can help mankind, establishing new relations with other sectors of society and help in reforming the wrong doings of the company by helping the development of third world countries. The opportunities are infinite as long as Tony can stay focused on helping the world be a better place. Being CEO he has the responsibility to steer the company to the right path.

With their strengths and opportunities said, threats are also found in the company. Since shareholders and other directors are also part of the company, being overthrown is one problem Tony has to face. Being voted out in a decision that can affect the US army is a dangerous one. Influence of other powerful corrupt politicians can be their threat too. If ever Tony will not be around to supervise the company, many people in the company with dark intentions can easily change the coarse the company has chose to take right now. Terrorism and shortage of supply for their resources will also be threats. Since they are using the world’s resources in their production, natural resource’s scarcity can be a threat to their company. External factors like inflation, the rise of prices in the market can also be threats to their company.

The Vision of the company is simple. Starting out as a weapons firm by Tony’s dad, he envisioned it to supply the US army to change the world by making it a better place. The company’s vision was to make the US army so strong that it can protect people around the world from terrorist. The vision of using powerful weapons and technologies made a slight turn by Tony creation of Iron man. The company’s vision still is to provide the world primarily the American people with safety by providing their army great weapons by it is also focused now on making responsible choices.

The mission of the company is to make the world a better place. This is under the rule of Tony as CEO. His mission is to steer the company from a “ under the table” “ double dealing” corporation to a socially responsible corporation. The mission is to provide humanitarian help to people in need and help the military in honest ways. It is also their mission to make high end weapons to strengthen the US army.

Tony’s relationship with the management is a little bit of trouble some. His sudden change of being a corporate mogul to a humanitarian is not easily accepted by his peers. Although the biggest threat to him was already gone. He will have a difficult time in ensuring his decisions are supported by the management team. He will also find it difficult to ensure their support for his later on projects that will be goaled at helping people and not ensuring profitable decisions. As a billion dollar company, his management will be centered on making money. He can help strengthen his management support by buying out the shares of people he knows that has corrupt intentions and clean his company of these kind of people. He can also get James Rhodes on board since he plays a big role in their sales as an arms dealer. Rhodes has a good heart and can help the company in making right decisions.

Tony Stark compared to his Stark industry in the film is really different. Tony is a dynamic character and knows boundaries in his actions. As a billionaire, he knows how to enjoy wealth and fame. He has a good heart. He sees to it that his company will be helping make a safer place to live on. Tony Stark is a humorous and happy go lucky. He utilizes his riches to enjoy life and make connections to important people. On the other hand, Stark Industries is a world wide famous weapons dealer. The corporation is serious in making weapons and developing new technology. Under many directors, the company is like any other multination company. They are geared to making tons of money. Their primary goal is to generate as much money as possible no matter what methods are used. They have no intentions of giving back their riches to people unlike Stark. The Stark Industry is a corporation. We cannot excuse that fact people in it are for making money. Tony on the other hand is something else. He wants to use his power and money to help people. He is geared to making changes by elimination threats to the world and creating inventions that will help the world. Tony Stark and Stark Industries are quite opposite in terms if interest but they are really dependent of each other. Without Tony Stark, the company will loose their greatest inventor and CEO. Tony stark on the other hand needs the company to facilitate his research and development of new iron man suits to help him in his missions. The mission Tony has for Stark Industry is to keep its integrity intact and at the same time help hi make an impact in the lives of thousand by helping them.


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