Stardust reference note 2 essay sample


The witch queen is truly an interesting character in the novel stardust. This witch queen lives up to the expectations of any conventional witch. Traditionally witches are supposed to be evil. Witches are associated with deception and are people whose main inclination is the abolition of any forms of true happiness known to man. Thus much is expected of an individual known as the witch queen. A witch queen should have absolutely no shortage of malice and cruelty and the witch queen in stardust certainly does not disappoint. The witch queen is tasked with the job of ensuring that Yvaine does not end up with Tristran which is contrary to the best interests of Yvaine. This witch queen therefore delivers as far as evil and malice are concerned.
A very important attribute of this witch queen lies primarily in her name itself. The term witch queen invokes fear into both adults and children alike. The name creates an illusion of the embodiment of evil itself. This name is scary to say the least and alludes to a plainly cruel individual. Thus the name is very important as far as the significance of the character and the relevance of the character are concerned. This is because of the psychological effect that this name has on the readers of the novel. This name adds to the mystery associated with this character and makes her that much less likeable which is exactly in line with her character traits and the purpose she is supposed to serve in the world of stardust. The ironic or rather strange aspect is that despite being the queen she is still answerable to her sisterhood of witches.