Simply christian

The book is mainly about Christianity life and God deeds to human life. Wright has profoundly discussed arguments that sometimes affect Christianity values both inside and outside the church domain as well as outlining broad Christian belief terrain according to the human experiences. In addition, Wright has also briefly discussed scriptures included in the holy bible right from the book of Genesis to the last book of Revelation. Throughout the story, Wright is seen as to support arguments with the scriptures of the bible. This has greatly contributed towards convincing the reader. The book also discuses new life and what is required of each one of us to do so as to get into new life.

Wright begins the discussion by posing a central metaphor which has four questions that are repeatedly raised by some people in a contemporary society. Therefore those repeated questions are described as echoes of a voice. A reader hears people raising voices which speak of longing for justice, spirituality thirst, relationship hunger, and delight in beauty. In addition, Wright has helped the reader to flesh out why society asks these questions and who in specific are asking questions. In the story of Jesus, a reader gets to know the people who were asking questions (Wright 2006, 26).

In addition, Wright has clarified tha Christianity is about something that happened in the past through Jesus son of God and from his experiences a belief was obtained. However, in supporting this argument, Wright has pointed out that Christian beliefs and culture is not about Jesus and his behaviors as a moral example neither is about his pioneering of a new route of life. It is through him that God’s future has arrived to us in the present time. However, echoes are no more but instead a clear voice can be heard speaking of new creation after our rescue from evil deeds and death.

Furthermore, Wright continues t discuss Christianity culture of worship, sacrament, prayers, and bible scriptures. In the discussion, Wright uses a generous and also an ironic approach. Wright emphasizes on the advantages of active participation by a Christian to the Christianity work to the needy society by use of bible scriptures and relevant examples. In addition, Wright tells out that Christian life is new living ways of a human, coping examples that Jesus set, cross and resurrection, being led by the Holy Spirit and full participation in God’s work. However, he corrects the mistake which some people make by taking Christianity as a behavior of mastering specific rules and living according to the set guidelines.

However, he introduces a discussion of the God’s new woorld by posing a rhetoric question about how it will be like. Wright tells that this promised new world will be perfection of current world, fulfillment of justice, spirituality living, good relationships and excellent beauty. In addition, he uses a preaching style by telling the readers that it will require everyone to accept to be an agent of this new world through doing according to what doctrines of the bible ask us. Moreover, he preaches that every person need to accept that all faults and brokenness were left in the tomb and new perfect life began through resurrection of Jesus. Above all, everybody has to take a proper role through power of Holy Spirit and become stewards of new world that is quickly coming. With thus, people will be living a Christianity life.

In conclusion, N. T. Wright’s Simply Christian is an outstandingly bright, brief, and plain representation of Christianity life. In addition, It is stranded in a full of meaning consciousness of the actuality that we gain knowledge of who really God and what He requires from us. We learn this in the story of what God has done to us through death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ. Wright has taught Christianity life and theology in the book which has greatly contributed to answering many conflicting questions that some Christians always have.