Similarities between the picture house and theme parks in disneyland

Similarities between the Picture House and theme parks in Disneyland The Picture House Roman Polanski once said- Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater.
This is exactly what the picture houses succeeded in achieving since their inception in the beginning part of the 20th century. With the technological advancements made in the field of photography made by the Lumiere brothers and Edison as also similar advances made by Melie in motion films, the concept of picture houses gained popularity. These were initially converted churches and community halls, but with technological advances in photography, the movies attracted large numbers, which led to the construction of Picture Houses that were dedicated to showing Cinema.
A major question may arise here about what was the reason behind these films’ success. The only answer would be that until then we were confined to having pictures painted, but the possibility of seeing our pictures on paper as though they were real, enthralled people. The advent of the motion picture further popularized this cause. With the creation of movies, people who watched them began to feel that they were integral entities in the movie so much so that if there were an emotional scene, then most would be in tears, or if there were any action, one could see people emulating their favorite actors and sometimes would end up punching the fellow next to them accidentally. People began to sense their lives in the movie’s story and this is the prime reason as to why people loved to throng the picture house.
Pictures were beginning to be made on all sorts of subjects, from comedy to tragedy; from history to mystery; from morals to quarrels etc. Within due course of time, movies had extended such an influence over the public that everyone wanted to emulate his personal hero, for whom he was god (the actors in this case). We like to develop ourselves into looking and behave like our heroes. Cinemas became symbols of economic prosperity, and people felt proud of its stature. Movies gained influence by focusing on sensitive issues and forced people to think on topics like nationalism, determination, perseverance, dedication, romance etc. Thus, every individual was influenced in some nor the other way by the movies and this has helped people to develop themselves into responsible & sensible individuals.
But along with influencing people, Picture houses served as places for relaxation where people would come to spend some time away from their daily chores. They came to the picture house in search of some comfort and the picture houses tried their best to provide this to their customers. From providing proper ventilation and fresh air (which was non-existent in the urban areas) to ensuring that the people had a comfortable place to sit and watch comfortably, the picture house left no stone unturned.
Similar to the development of photography and the subsequent rise of picture houses, the concept of theme parks started with the vision of a single man-Walt Disney. He dreamt of a place where children & adults alike would be able to spend sometime in recreation; away from all problems and obligations. In fact he once said that-
” Why do we have to grow up I know more adults who have the children’s approach to life. They’re people who don’t give a hang what the Joneses do. You see them at Disneyland every time you go there. They are not afraid to be delighted with simple pleasures, and they have a degree of contentment with what life has brought – sometimes it isn’t much, either.”
This line goes to show that Disney had felt a need for people to feel their inner self and this could be only achieved if they were free from all tensions of life, at least for a short duration. If one ponders over what influence theme parks have had on us, then it can only be compared to what the picture house had succeeded in achieving at the turn of the last century. Most importantly, people feel their selves in theme parks.
People look at theme parks as places of sophistication & technology. This is similar to what people used to think when they used to flock to picture houses. The urge to see, feel and be a pert of such a modern environment is the prime reason that drives people to spend quality time at these theme parks be it with family or friends. Theme parks are a sense of national pride, which every person is proud of. We feel pride in seeing that the rest of the world emulates us by following our innovations and ideas. The situation was same when the picture houses sprang up on a global scale as movies began to gain increasing popularity irrespective of the language or region.
We also visit theme parks for the purpose of relaxation, away from all problems, and seek to spend a gala time. For ensuring this, the parks are dotted with all sorts of adventure sports and recreational games, something that we can compare to only a classical movie that we get to see in a theatre. The reason is obvious because of the urban chaos, which has existed ever since the concept of urbanization and cities was born. Man, in the quest of money and power had led himself into such a precarious situation that it continues to exist even today. Such a situation denies us all the real happiness of life and this is where the concept of theme parks has taken root, so as to provide at least some sort of respite in this regard. This is in tandem with the picture house of the last century, which used to be a place for relaxation and constructive involvement.
Thus I short, it can be summarized that the picture house and Disneyland, though conceived in different eras, were primarily developed on the basis of a dedicated thought and vision of a few gentlemen, their prime objective being to provide an atmosphere where one could rejuvenate and reorganize himself. To be a place where man could be and feel his own self.