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Assignment, E-commerce al Affiliation Assignment, E-commerce According to (Turner & Gelles 2003), threat is any likely occurrence whether or not malicious to breach the security of the system by taking advantage of its known or unknown vulnerabilities. It may be caused by the attacker gaining unauthorized access to stored information. Secondly, causing denial of service to authorized users and finally, causing the alteration of information to mislead the users or cause the system to behave incorrectly
There are various computer threats; viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware to mention but a few. These computer threats can have negative impacts on your computer system and a person’s life.
The damaging effects of ignoring these threats are deadly. They range from a virus corrupting files and even deleting everything on a hard drive. Trojans for example are capable of disabling antivirus software and removing firewalls exposing your computer to serious risks. Spywares are capable of causing your computer to crash as well as collecting personal information and changing configuration settings. These threats are designed to gather information from users that are mainly used to commit fraud and identity theft (Turner & Gelles 2003).
There are various methods can be used by organizations to identify threats and act on them before they can cause damages. Primarily, the organization can establish a corporate policy to only allow approved devices on the network and to have those devices running on the latest version of antivirus. Secondly, the policy should allow only the administrators to install and run applications. Thirdly, the organization can invest in software tools that aid in auditing computer activity and detecting the presence of tampering and damage. Lastly, the organization should make computer security education a prerequisite to any computer user. This will help users to know how best to protect their systems and detect any unusual activities.
Turner, J. T., & Gelles, M. G. (2003). Threat assessment: A risk management approach. New York: Haworth Press.