Shakespeare and me

Have you ever Read a good book that was really interesting but the language was hard to understand? I have. For instance, when I’m reading a Shakespeare play, the language is ancient, and you must annotate and take notes, so you could understand it. Despite this, it’s easier to follow a Shakespeare play by watching it rather than reading it so students can have an understanding of what the play is about. Apart from the fact that watching the movie of the book might help understand the book, it’s still hard and too much work to do so, it’s better not to read Shakespeare books.

I don’t think that Shakespeare belongs in the modern English curriculum because it is hard to understand the language. There are various reasons why Shakespeare should not be repeated in high schools. Accustoming Shakespeare to modern English is a bad idea to the students with these typical texts. I don’t think that Shakespeare should be promoted for expressive dialogues, accuracy, certainty, and discovering in modern illustrations and language in a general.

Shakespeare’s writings still aren’t indicated to be learned. What Shakespeare wrote, despite his bad language, was clearly for a play to be presented. He’s an incompetent author who uses cliches to exceed at what he does best because it’s not accurate, in fact, if you read any of his plays, we honestly don’t understand some of the words that Shakespeare used in some lines. Example from the play, Macbeth it says ‘ That will be ere the set of sun.’ This means that the battle will be finished before dawn. I don’t think any students or teacher would understand Macbeth now because the language has changed from today, they would have a hard time learning on what is going on from the book. The high-water point of his character has now passed, it continued for only a century.

Reading or viewing Shakespeare is, by turns, confusing, demanding, disappointing and straightforward offensive. His statements were determined to be pronounced or heard, not to be read and frustrated behind a desk. It was too strict, too vague, too difficult, and it miserably endeavored to mix drama and tragedy. Female characters are auctioned off to anyone who displays an interest but the unfortunate ones, they all perish. He cannot be a lighthouse for the future, because he belongs in the past. Shakespeare is difficult to teach, but good teachers make it obvious, and an experience that develops, not destroys the skills. Shakespeare’s plays are no longer fashionable, most of Shakespeare’s audiences were ignorant. Shakespeare’s writing isn’t indicated to be desk-bound, it’s organized for the spotlight. Accommodating Shakespeare to contemporary English is a bad way to use students and conversations with these standard texts. Students waste the structure of Shakespeare’s plays if they read or observe them in modern English.

Shakespeare book shows intense, mainly in Macbeth. In Macbeth King Duncan was assassinated by Macbeth because, Macbeth was too greedy for more power which ended in a disaster, which doesn’t make sense that King Duncan was murdered just like that and he didn’t have anyone watching him, so I don’t think Macbeth should be taught in school because of his offensive plays. Shakespeare plays show sophisticated sexual scenes which some of them aren’t meant to be read. I say that Shakespeare’s work shouldn’t be continued in high schools because his type of writing which is an older version, which students these days are not accustomed with that language anymore and when his stories are read not even a third of the reading makes sense to the students and teachers have to take a few extra hours of teaching to explain just for students to get a very huge view of what the story is talking about so it could be in their heads. another point is language the ‘ thou and thy’ and all the term relationship that Shakespeare used in the time was used and now that same type of writing or speaking doesn’t make sense to people anymore and withal these different words that teenagers come up with it will only get harder for them to experience the true significance of the text. If you ask a maximum of the people that are still in high school about the plays of Shakespeare, they will stare at you with a absolutely a blanc face of confusion. I don’t think we should be reading about Shakespeare’s works because a lot of the students don’t find it very entertaining.

In my opinion, I find Shakespeare and his antiquated works are very boring. For example, when my freshman English class studied about Romeo and Juliet more than half the class would fall asleep. No one really gave any attention to the whole play. Also, sometimes Shakespeare can be a lot to work on. It’s sometimes hard to explain. Even though now they have translations in modern English, many students still find it very challenging to understand what the characters are addressing. I think we should stick to other types of writing that apprehend our attention. Shakespeare’s works are not commendable and It shouldn’t be presented to students. Students need to read about things progressing on in their lives, stuff they can associate to, not something that doesn’t intrigue them. I agree Shakespeare is a literary prodigy but, his works can be regularly misunderstood. if you can’t even comprehend the text itself, you can’t start to experience it, and then on top of that, it’s hard to discover the underlying aspect and estimate what’s really going on within the book. I really don’t know why it’s so necessary to read Shakespeare’s plays, because to me it’s only a waste of time that could be used on doing something more interesting. I don’t think that Shakespeare should not be considered in English because It does not use correct English. It has good stories but is difficult to understand. They should be appreciated as plays and not read in English class. He remarkably doesn’t have anything to deal with English. Shakespeare’s books really change anyone’s life. I feel like the challenge of reading his books, such as Macbeth, is extremely far from some of the people. Example of the words that Shakespeare used that are so hard to hard to understand is ‘ Whence camest thou, worthy thane?’, which means where have you come from, which was hard to understand until I look up online what is the translation for it. Doing translating to every word in Shakespeare’s texts line is going to take forever and they are long books so, we shouldn’t proceed on reading Shakespeare books and read other books that are more appealing and easy to understand.

In conclusion, Shakespeare isn’t intended to be read in class and doesn’t belong to the modern English curriculum. Due to the complicated language that he uses to write in the texts, his books should be discarded and not read in school. Shakespeare doesn’t help a student learn anything through his words that are meant for a long time ago until they look up on other websites and know what is going on which is too much obligation for most students, so to make it simpler for the students, they shouldn’t make the students read Shakespeare in school and study different books.