Self-awareness and effective communication

Deeper Drive Reflections: Self-Awareness and Effective Communication Deeper Drive Reflections: Self-awareness and effective communication
I find the three articles very interesting and informative. The Self-Awareness and Effective Communication and Communicate at your best articles encouraged self-reflection and by so doing enable one to improve their communication skills. Effective communication is a critical skill in everyday life. It is an essential skill that every leader needs to possess. The ideas presented in “ Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?” by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones provoke inquisitive about the subject of leadership.
The article “ Self-Awareness and Effective Communication” demonstrates the relationship between self-awareness, effective communication, and leadership. The author argues that self-awareness is key to effective communication. By consciously understanding ones character, emotions and thoughts one is aware of how others perceive them. Therefore, the individual will effectively pass on his ideas and information in a way others will understand and at the same time listen effectively. The article also gives tools for developing self-awareness. The first idea is being open to critical self-reflection (Self-Awareness Workshop, n. d). The self-reflection process involves examining ones thought, emotions, and behaviors. After reflection, willingness to change is essential though a difficult step in achieving applicable self-awareness. I approve the ideas presented in this article. Self-awareness is essential for not only effective communication but also the quality of life in general.
The communication process involves encoding a message by the source, the channeling process and decoding of the message by the recipient. Effective communication involves presenting ones idea or information in a way that minimizes problems in all the stages of communication. In the current work environment, there are various modes of communication used. Effective communication using all these modes become a necessary skill. The article “ Communicate at your best” presents tools and tips to improve one’s communications skills to achieve full effectiveness. It focuses on listening, report writing, email writing, presentations and meeting management (Manktelow, 2011). What I found particularly helpful was the self-assessment section after each area discussed. The sections encourage reflection and make the ideas presented applicable. I was able to improve my skills by identifying my areas of weakness. This article also included additional sources that offer more information on the subject.
The article that I found most intriguing was “ Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?” by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones. The article presents four essential qualities of inspirational leadership. The four quartiles include exposing weaknesses to reflect approachability, good situation sensors, tough empathy and the ability to capitalize on individuals’ unique differences (Goffee, & Jones, 2000). What I found predominantly interesting relates to the idea of capitalizing on even a small difference to make such persons appear just a little aloof to motivate their followers. This was well exemplified by Sir John Harvey-Jones, the former CEO of ICI, who crafted the idea that he was an adventurous, entrepreneurial and unique by simply wearing loud ties, a mustache, and long hair. In my experience, inspirational leaders display a quality, often intellectual, which sets them apart from their followers and effectively motivates the followers. However, most leaders that I have encountered tend to appear unapproachable as they over differentiate themselves.
I enjoyed reading these three articles. I reevaluated and improved my communication skills. I was able to reflect critically on leadership and the importance of communication for leaders. The ideas presented in the article by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones will help me develop my leadership skills by focusing on inspirational leadership.
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