Security assessment report essay examples

Cover Letter

Fro quite some time now, a study has been done to identify the potential security risks within the construction company that I work for. Through the study, security risks on the personal, property and other assets have been identified. The security assessment came up with the report written below.


This report gives the security assessment findings for the construction company that I work for. In order to carry out the assessment, there were areas that were specifically addressed. First of all, it looked at the security of the company assets. That is, an assessment was done to ascertain whether the company assets are well guarded, and whether there is a way to improve this security. N the second note, it looked at the security of the employees. By interviewing the employees, it was easy to come up with their security concerns, aimed at realizing whether they feel well taken care of. Lastly, the assessment looked at the concerns of the company itself. This is the concerns that the company has concerning how the management feels that the employees could be a security threat (Sem, 1998). These three issues were addressed in detail.

Purpose of the Report

The main objective of this report is to come up with the security concerns of the construction company. Once the risks are identified, the proper mechanisms of dealing with it can be realized. As such, the report identifies the risks and proposes the right measures for dealing with it.

Scope of the Report

As already indicated, the report will focus on three main sections: the company property, personnel security and the security threats posed by the employees to the company. All these factors are addressed in terms of their likelihood of occurrence and the ways in which they can result, hence deriving a way through which they can be controlled.


After a proper analysis was carried out, there were some findings concerning the security of the company. The threats in the three areas are as follows.
Company Property: Sem (1998) indicates that there are company threats that face the company, in terms of losing of its property. In order to realize this, an assessment was carried out as per how the company handles its purchases and the manner in which the materials are distributed to the various sections of the company. It was discovered that the materials are not effectively utilized. Some of the materials go to waste, which in turn costs the company. On the other hand, once the work for the day has ended, some of the materials are not taken back to the store. This puts them at risk of being stolen, hence costing the company. For this reason, there is the need to develop a more comprehensive inventory structure, which will ensure that the company does not loose out.

Personnel Security: To conclude this section, there was the need to interview the employees of the company so as to realize what their security concerns are. The main aim of having this section was to make sure that the personnel are satisfied, since a dissatisfied workforce is not productive (Walker, 2011). In this perspective, the workers of the company are concerned about their security at work. They feel that they do not have enough protective wear as they go about their work. As such, when they go about their work, they are worried that something might happen to them.

Another concern is the equipment they use. Though there are efforts to make sure the company goes hi-tech, there is the fear that not enough is being done, and some equipment are not well maintained. For this reason, the workers fear for their security. In essence, the security of the workers is the main concern.
Threat too the company from employees: In this section of the report, there was an assessment of the risks that face the company from its employees. Microsoft. com (2012) indicates that the main risk that the company can face from its employees is the risk of vandalism. This is where the employees can take some of the company property or assets and use them for their own good. Others tend to neglect their duties, which is also another means through which the company ends up loosing.

Mitigation measures

Once the above risks are identified, the next option is to find ways of mitigating them. Some of the mitigation measures are as follows:

Company Property: to prevent loss of property, the company should have a good inventory structure which ensures that the company assets are well recorded and follows. As such, the company should have burglar proof strategies which prevent the loss of property. There should also be a security guard to screen the people who enter the company premises.

Employees; in order to ensure the security of the employees, there should be rules and regulations to ensure that there is total security. The equipment should be up to date and also well serviced. They should also be well remunerated so as to keep them from malicious thoughts as well as well as greed for company property. This can also help in preventing the threats that can be posed to the company by the employees.


In conclusion, the above essay has looked at the security threats that a construction company faces. It has also looked at the mitigation measures. If the above measures are implemented, there is a possibility that the security for and within the company can be improved.


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