Saudi board program personal statement sample

Personal Statement: Saudi Board Program

I was born in Nejran, Saudi Arabia. I am 27 years old, male, and married. Although my first language is Arabic, I speak English fluently and read and write it proficiently. I have a Diploma in Hospital Management from the British Academic Centre for Training, and a Bachelor Degree in Medicine (MBBS) from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Science and Technology, Sana’a, Yemen. I also passed the Saudi Medical Selection Examination in 2012.
Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that has always interested me the most, from the time I first began my medical studies. I know that to pursue Orthopedics as my major, I would initially need to study all aspects of the musculoskeletal system, but perhaps progress to focussing on particular topics such as pediatrics. I know that to become a fully proficient Orthopedics professional requires a great deal of study and experience. As far as my future plans are concerned, my ambition is to become a clinician, dedicated to helping provide good quality health care for the public.
I constantly keep abreast of current research in my specific area of interest by reading published articles. I have good communication skills and build good relationships with my patients. I know that there is a need for more medical professionals in my home city, even though we have some excellent modern facilities now.
Throughout my medical training I have attended a wide range of courses to enhance my general knowledge in medicine and to help me focus on the field that interests me the most. Although I was resident in several different departments in hospitals in Yemen and Egypt, my interest in Orthopedics remained my main passion throughout.
Regarding my employment experience to date, as mentioned above I have been employed in a number of different resident capacities in hospitals in Yemen and Egypt (further details in my CV), prior to taking up my present position as Medical Director at Thar General Hospital. I also participated in voluntary activities in Yemen in 2006-2008, primarily medical-related campaigns conducted for the benefit of the people living in the village communities there. I prepared three research papers (as yet unpublished), each on topics related to my work at time.
I am an open person with a wide variety of interests. My clinical rotations have exposed me to a range of positive experiences, all contributing to improving my overall knowledge and expertise. During my internship periods, whenever possible I endeavored to learn more about Orthopedics, to enhance my competence in that specialty. As a consequence, I am confident that I am ready to move onto specializing in my favored field. I am energetic, highly self-motivated, and a good team player, as well as having strong organizational and planning skills. I adapt readily to different situations and am able to make important decisions when required, even in stressful situations.
Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my personal statement.