Romeo and juliet fate

Forced marriage – Feud (we don’t know what the feud is over, its never explained. Its clearly fate because they don’t know what they’re arguing about) – Meeting at the party (Romeo is drugged) -Violence: Deaths of Table and Mercuric (influences) when Romeo kills Table everything starts falling apart – Forced marriage – attitude to women – If women were valued, women would not be forced into such as marriage and not treated Just as objects, we may see more love and less violence.

Mercuric says if you fall in love you become less masculine – Prologue (Not only will they die, the only way for the feud to end if for them to die.

This is the only way out, it is certain) from the outset the viewer knows they’ll die, not only for each other but to stop violence and feud because its written in the stars – Loveliness between Montague and Caplet – Only example of love besidesRomeo and Juliet, is Romeo and Mercuric but Romeo doesn’t love Mercuric back, no one loves anyone, or doesn’t seem too, Lady Caplet doesn’t love Juliet Romeo: Romeo-reckless young man (Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to slow down, find quote) Rushes into things, very in-touch with his emotions, lets it get the best of him (top with heart, symbolic) ” Oh I am fortunes fool” is he was passionate young man, he would not have made the decision to kill Table Romeo and Juliet are in no way to blame for their untimely deaths, discuss. Agree: – Fate has determined that they must die (as is written in the prologue)