Role of interest groups and political parties in society essay examples

The presentation of information in a media article, writers need to consider various factors that influence the morale of the readers. In presentation, a writer need to make the material that he presents a very compelling argument that helps readers to understand the perspective of the two antagonizing groups. The analysis of the mode of presentation of the various issues that prevail in the article, The Tea Party, will show the various successes and failures in presenting the real issues in the society.
The party involves exchanges that took place during a campaign period in which various individuals that are vying for similar positions expose their opponents as unworthy of the seat. The candidates with different parties use lobby groups to amass support in their bid and they therefore, involve various interest groups like religious organizations and trade associations. In the whole process of political parties, the interest groups funded the bids according to their different views of who should lead their region.
The interest groups and political organizations acts as vehicles for spreading moral ideas, policies or ideologies. The church organizations and the political parties, for example, have been the platforms over which criticism against what is not right is advanced and therefore, the society achieves its goals of morality. I lean that the groups and political parties, illuminate the political process so that the society can understand the kind of people who seeks leadership positions among them un terms of their value systems. From the article, I learn that political success is possible when there is cooperation among various individuals in the society, i. e. the politicians as well as interest groups.