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President Woodrow Wilson, Research Paper, By: Mariah Huffman, President Woodrow Wilson was an extraordinary man in office and not, Wilson was born on December 29th, 1856 in Stanton, Virginia and died February 23rd 1924.

His father Joseph Ruggles was in the ministries all Wilson’s life and his mother was a stay at home mom to him and his two sisters, Marion an Annie and a brother Joseph. When he was older he married his wife Ellen Wilson on June 24th 1885 when he was 28 yrs old later they had three daughters, Margaret, Jessie and Eleanor. Wilson went to college to be a minister but his profession changed a lot so he just settled with a PhD in politicalscience.

Woodrow Wilson had a lot of achievements in his life, in 1917 he declared war on Germany, on January 8th 1918 Wilson presented his 14 points for peace he was also awarded the noble peace prize for his work in ending world war 1, he negotiated the treaty of Versailles, which also established the league of nations and with ratification of the sixteenth amendment, income tax became legal. The Federal Reserve act was instituted; this agency controlled themoneysupply.

Here are some interesting facts about President Woodrow Wilson, after he had suffered a stroke, Wilson allowed his wife to handle lesser government details she decided what was important and what wasn’t, Wilson typed his own letters on a typewriter, Wilson’s second wife Edith, was a descendent of Pocahontas, two of his daughters were married at the white house, The Wilson’s kept a flock of sheep at the white house to keep the grass trimmed and when there wool was shaved it was sold and the money went to the red cross, his second wife Edith sent a lot of time sewing for the red cross during WW1.

President Wilson’s father was his biggest influences growing up because as Wilson grew up he didn’t really learn all that good because he was dyslexic and with his fathers patients he got me through schooling grad school. One of the significant event that Wilson remembers was when he was a young boy growing up in my home town in Augusta, Georgia he witnessed Jefferson Davis in chains being walked down the street on his way to prison.

President Wilson later on opened his own law firm back home after his 3rd stroke, his wife Ellen then pasted away and then he was married again to a women named Edith and they never had no kids together while they wore together.