Riordan network design project week

One of the most commonly used Is MacAfee Antivirus which Is the software that I would present to be used as security software. With the routers and firewalls, it will block any unwanted activity coming across the network. The use of the software allows the use of a security firewall that works with the internet firewall increasing our chances of not being attacked or corrupted by viruses, and hackers. It also provides anti-spy’. N. ‘are upon the network, indicates safety of websites, and web protection detects and helps rid the network of any sparer, learn, and viruses, pushing and spam when it comes to email, and web usage.

Without both networking hardware and software total security cannot exist. A Land Are Network (LANA) is a network that connects a group of computers that are within distance of each other to the same network. Élan’s are very useful when it comes to printer sharing and sending and receiving files between all the systems within the facility that share that one network. A LANA is connected by using Ethernet cables, adapters, and hubs. Its counterpart is the WAN or Wide Area Network a WAN is connected by two or more Élan’s and are used for public networking the largest is the internet.

This is primarily used for larger networks because it can cover more area giving access to more users. A WALL connection is the WAP or Wireless Access Point that is transmitted by radio waves over hundreds of feet connected by the internet hub. WALL is composed of IEEE 802. 1 lax standards the most common standards used are 802. 1 b, 802. 1 la, and 802. 1 log. Not the best for video and voice communication cause It can cause delays and higher security threats, and range of service Is limited to the area the user is in.

When It comes to WALL security there Is WEEP, WAP, and WPAD. WEEP comes in both static and dynamic. The static web has a 24 bit starting point and usually results In 64 or Bibb. The dynamic on the other hand uses the authentication within the 802. Xx standards. The current standards when It comes to WALL security Is the WAP. The three mall elements of WAP are ” Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TIKE) which Is based on RCA encryption, where a 304-blot key and enervates new encryption keys after various configurable Intervals making It very difficult to encrypt.

There is also Message Integrity Code this uses a kind of digital signature to each frame to ensure that messages are not tampered with or captured and replayed. Last but not least is 802. 1 X authentication framework the IEEE standard for port-based access control that is included in the latest wireless security wired users. Then there is the AVOWAL which is the combination of Poi and WALL connection. It is Poi or Voice over IP over a wireless network. It requires higher initiated which are used to increase the capacity while minimizing the Jitter and delay within the voice packets over the network.

WPAD are Wireless Personal Area Networks only deal with small or single person usage and is limited by distance and low volume. Bluetooth is the common technology that is relevant and utilized. There are other technologies mentioned within the text other than Bluetooth that use the same WAP standard and those are MFC or Near Field Communication, RIFF or Radio Frequency Identification, and JIB or Ultra Wideband.. There are many different vices that are utilized in our everyday communication networks to keep us connected on a daily basis.

One of the devices used is a DSL IP it is used to Join both LANA to WAN which gives allow full access to the internet. Switches are another device smaller in size used to connect multiple computers on the same LANA. Switches can also inspect packets of data and with that help the security enhancing its performance through its error control. Ethernet cable is the most common form of networking cable. The cable is used to connect devices within a local area network injection such as PC’s but also can include routers and switches also.