Rewriting by joseph harris

Rewriting by Joseph Harris Assignment The project of the is to outline the importance of self learning through the use of the real life experiences of the character in the article. The setting of the article is based in a prison where the character teaches himself from scratch to read and write. He first had to learn the language so as to understand the content of the books he was reading and after a short while he is good to go. He reads inspirational books on the liberation of the black man. It is from this information that he empowers himself and becomes one of the most influential people in the fight of the American History. The aim of the article is to enlighten the reader about the importance of reading and writing in general education. The example of Malcolm is enough evidence.
They quote the text to explain what it means as well as using it to make their perspective clear. There is the push beyond the pro and con thinking through the potential uses of a number of positions. The text uses vivid examples as well as mental pictures to pass its message to the reader. The step by step experiences of the character while in prison up to the time he is released and becomes a famous person is a clear conviction to the reader as well as the validity of the project.
The text ends up with a conclusion that sums up the main point as well as emphasizing on the importance of the home made education. The author clearly acknowledges their influence and how the influences have directed their work. The author uses a simple and convincing language so as to pass on his message to the reader. He also focuses on the values such as determination, hope, hard work and will power to strengthen his main points. The person behind this writing could be a black man who was fed up by the white exploitation and who has been in prison for the same.

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