Review: winning by jack welch

Jingtian Tan Bus 109 Dr. Jasso 2/2 Book Review for Winning Jack Welch, the if Winning, is a man who has had more than forty years of experience in management and this is perhaps one of the reasons why the book is among one of the most insightful reads concerning how to succeed in the modern business environment. His many years as the head of General Electric saw his continued success in leading the company through some of its greatest moments of success around the world, despite having to face a diverse number of markets as well as vicious competition from its rivals. Because of his honest style of conducting business, Welch has come to be considered one of the most influential individuals in the business field and this has mainly been through his relentless focus on the people who work for him, ensuring that they work in teams in order to maximise profits. This book was mainly written due to the massive demand for the insights in business as well as management that could be provided by Welch from his many years of experience in the field. Since Welch has gained inspiration from his audiences and their need for proper guidance, he has written a book which is both rational and practical concerning business practices, and it is likely to have a massive influence for generations to come. The main lesson found in the book is that all the people involved in any business are important and have to be given the utmost attention so that they can be inspired to work towards the achievement of the business’s goals.
When someone reads the book, one will come to the conclusion that its main objective is to address individuals at every level of an organization, in institutions which are both large and small. The book can be said to be relevant to all people involved in the running of organisation, from the lowliest of employees to the most senior executives. In addition, one would say that the book is meant to inspire those individuals who aspire for success to indeed take steps to achieve their goals. The beginning of the book basically makes an outline of Welch’s business philosophy, where he makes an exploration of the importance of the various values, delineation as well as the dignity that is supposed to be accorded to all individuals. The book further makes an exploration of the diverse characteristics of work thatensure that there is success in the business environment. For this reason, the book can be said to have been split into three parts the first of which is based on leadership and the way through which leaders can ensure that they pick individuals and projects which are winners and make the success happen. Among the most important tasks when dealing with the management of employees is talent management which involves the recruiting and employing of individuals who will work for a company. This process provides a comprehensive overview of those primary management issues that deal with attracting the best candidates for vacancies, ensuring the reduction of staff turnover and most important of all, ensuring that there is an improvement in the performance of employees.
The second part of the book then considers the competition which the company has to face to ensure that it is successful, and in this study, there is a section concerning the different strategies that have to be put in place when dealing with the said competition. It is a fact that many individuals in the globalised economy in the modern world tend to be attracted by high salaries instead of the work they are going to do and it can be argued that when some companies experience fast growth, they find it difficult to continue with the close relationship and understanding with their employees which characterized them when they were still small. It is therefore important for a company, in order to maintain its success, to retain a close relationship with its employees and as it grows in size and continues to spread its reach all over the world, the large amount of money it makes should not negate its need to treat it employees fairly.
The final section deals with how individuals should handle their careers, and this begins from how they should find the type of job that is most suitable for them as well as how to achieve the perfect balance between work and life. It is, therefore, important for a company to schedule regular training programs for its employees, that have to be considered is often during the recruitment of new supervisors and other leaders. It is inevitable that any new leadership within a company will bring with it a diverse number of changes and in order to be able to tackle this. This is the reason why many companies have found it essential to develop training programs to deal with just such circumstances.
In conclusion, it can be said that Welch makes some very important points concerning management, especially in matters concerning communication between the management and employees. This aspect of the book is very important because the interaction between people within a company is the glue that holds the employees of the said company together. Without the aspects that are discussed in the book, all other elements of the company would not be able to function, and in fact, they would be virtually nonexistent. The book can therefore be said to be very important means educating a company to function effectively and it has even become more important today because of globalization which has forced people to start working across cultures as opposed to when people only used to work within their own cultures or societies. It is often very difficult for a company to embrace the new means of management if its leadership believes that its corporate culture is superior to all other cultures and that the practices of others are not in accordance its own views. Welch’s book shows that is important for a future manager to embrace the cultures it encounters in new environments because this will ensure that it is able to make swift changes that may be beneficial to it. With swift changes in leadership and management practices, it would be much easier for a future manager to be able to lead a company to more profitability.
Jack in this book has made his central argument on winning in a business venture. He actually admits that no other thing would have interested him to write apart from how to succeed in a business. Winning is a good thing in a business venture, because as a result people get employment opportunities and consequently have high standard lives. However, he states that winning is not only for personal gains and for pleasures like buying vacation homes and establishing good retirement plans but giving back to the community in a big way. His main objective is to make his audience understand how a business succeeds and how different entities gain from this success ranging from proprietors to employees to the government.
Some of the most vital outcomes of winning in a business include, increased job opportunities, taxes for our governments and realization of self-actualization by various individuals who engage in business. On the other hand, if it fails it creates financial insecurities and defunct families in all spheres of the society.
Jack’s work also makes us learn that winning companies and their employees are very vital for prosperity of an economy. Above all, they are the foundation of liberalized and democratic societies. This simply means that if a company has to win it must be in the right way.
Another important section is role of government in the winning of a business. Government is an essential part of a society and especially in business, this because it protects them from challenges posed by threats of insecurity within a country. It also provides the justice system and education that are important for build-up of a strong company.
This book’s future impact on mangers is that it will provide them with guidelines, assumptions to adopt, rules and mistakes to avoid. They will also be able to find and retain best players in their companies. The lesson also instils positive thinking and virtue of sharing and learning among mangers of recent times.