Respiratory Distress Recognition Technics

The video provided me with pediatric respiratory distress recognition technics that will definitely be necessary for my practice. Breathing and lung abnormalities can be a clinical symptoms in metabolic acidosis, sepsis, or heart failure, and the basics of checking them are essential in the differential diagnosis (OPENPediatrics, 2016). The explanation of infants’ anatomic characteristics the doctor shared before describing a particular approach helped me memorize the techniques. Moreover, animated schemes and answers based on the disease-related cases made that complicated topic more understandable.

Multiple occasions where the theoretical knowledge was required to make proper decisions and give the right recommendations appeared last week. I worked with a client with a pregnancy complicated due to a sexually transmitted disease, and we had to discuss the treatment that would be the safest for a child. The illness appeared without any severe symptoms. Therefore the patient was prescribed to test for other infections. The results did not reveal any incurable conditions. Thus I spoke to the client about the safety measures during pregnancy, antibiotics intake, and future screening recommendations. In my opinion, that experience went well as the patient had an open conversation with me and was intended to consider health advice. Another occasion was not that good due to gaps in my knowledge about breastfeeding combined with a client’s unwillingness to change their mind. The purpose of my conversation with a patient was to promote the prioritization of breastfeeding, and the benefits I shared were related to a baby, like the immune system development. The client persisted in breastfeeding to be finished as soon as possible due to the mother’s uncomfortable conditions. I felt that my arguments were not persuasive enough, and I decided to study more about benefits and then follow up on that client.


OPENPediatrics. (2016). Recognizing respiratory distress by Monica Kleinman, MD [Video]. YouTube. Web.