Research proposal with credible sources included 6 different subjects

Thesis ments. High school graduates should take a year off before going to college to research degreeprograms, to rest and rekindle a desire to learn, and to travel.
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The sale and use of cigarettes in public places should be banned since passive smoke inhalation causes increased risk of lung cancer in non-smokers and it’s also a financial strain to both private and public treasuries due to the treatment costs of its related diseases.
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Drunk drivers should serve a mandatory jail sentence for a first offense because immediate jail time may help teach an important lesson with lasting effects, and because it would act as a stronger deterrent to someone driving at all when intoxicated.
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The neglected art of letter writing should be enkindled because; unlike emails, letters are pieces of memory and not just messages; letters express the feelings, emotions and personality of the writer and it’s a wonderful way to reflect and connect.
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Workers in essential services (police force and military for instance) should be permitted to strike by virtue of need for collective voice to enable balance of power between them and their employers, in case they are made to perform unethical tasks in the guise of humanization, also the right to strike is a constitutional right for every employee.
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Although many people think that genetically engineered crops are a grave danger to the environment, such crops could alleviate global hunger and malnutrition.
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