Research paper on development of an approach of integrating hr function to one process

To develop an approach of integrating human resource function in the company to one process


To any organization, the human resource is one of the most important and volatile departments as it has many resources ranging from men, money, machines, natural environment and the regulations from the government. It is therefore very important that there is a coordinated and effective management of all the resources so that the business can attain the required success with ease. It is important that the human resource be accorded the attention it deserves so that the attritions that are encountered can be avoided. After carefully analyzing the nature and the extent of the company, it is clear that the human resource department needs an integrated system. From information gathered so far, we have established that the company started from a small plastic firm to a large plastic corporation in the world. We were also able to find out that the company has over 30 customers whose contracts they are working on; these customers vary in size and include the Department of Defense. Given the unprecedented growth, this paper will show an approach of how the human resource is integrated.

Project approach

The objective of Riordan Manufacturing is to have single application for the human resource system by making use of complex information technology system. There has been initial evaluation that was done by the management looking at the technology that was used in the creation of the current system which is in place.
It was after the development committee sat and came with a plan on how the system will be integrated to one. The committee then will come up with the scope and the communication process that will be followed in the process of the project. The committee will therefore be tasked with determining and assigning the right resources and the process of getting the right staff to work on the project. It is for this reason that a project plan needs to be drafted so that the needs of the project resources and the procurement needs will be known. At this point, there will be the need to create a committee for development.

Technology to be used

Since the new system will be tailor-made ERP system for Riordan Manufacturing, there will be the need to make use of technologies which can be transferred across many platforms. Another consideration that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that Riordan Manufacturing has many branches which are diverse and there is the need to ensure that the various branches can access the application without any form of incompatibility. Since, after thorough evaluation, the company is found to have very reliable hardware; it will be therefore economical to maintain the hardware that is currently in place.
The software tools that will be employed include PHP/MySQL. The technology was chosen because they are open-source and also due to the fact that they are able to be migrated to different platforms without any issues cropping up.
For the few weeks that will follow, there will be the need to consult with Hugh McCauley about the extent of the project so that the task requirements will be realized. After few consultations, the committee will have come up with details that will be used in the project.

Project issues and constraints

The project will then be implemented by starting with the design and the creation of the database. The database that will be used is MySQL. The choice of this database is because MySQL is compatible with many platforms. PHP is also known to auger well with MySQL database. The new information system that will be created is the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The two programming applications that are chosen will make it possible to expand the system (Joseph, 2003).

The new system will be having the following functions in the form of modules:

  • Personnel module which will be having: scheduling, appraisal system, interviewing management, and tracking.
  • Attendance and payroll system
  • Classification of positions
  • Management of positions
  • Increase automation management system
  • System for audio-visual
  • Accounting and finance
  • Documents that are managed online like the regulations and policies, employee handbooks, and job descriptions
  • Benefits and compensation management
  • Regulations for the human resource
  • Recruitment process for the company

The HRIS has many forms of data that are used to satisfy the stakeholders that the system is worth investing in. some other forms of information is used as they are a requirement. The system is used to gather, manage, and store data that entail the human resource of Riordan Manufacturing. The information that will be captured is for the sole purpose of ensuring that the new system is an integrated human resource system that will be used for the whole system. One of the modules has the screen that looks like the figure below:

Project testing

After the project has been done, there will be the need to test the system to find if it is working. The worst case scenarios will have to be taken into consideration. The testing will be done after every stage of integration. The testing is not done after the whole system is complete. It will follow an iteration model where each module will be tested to see if they are working right (Ireland, 2006).


After the testing has been done, there will be the need to train the users. There will be the need to ensure that all the users of the new system will have a clear understanding of the system. The training will be conducted in such a way that the trainees will be divided according to the department and the job rank. Managers will have their own training while the technical team will also have their own training. The rest of the users will be trained on the use of the system (Harrison, & Lock, 2004).


In conclusion, the Riordan Manufacturing human resource information system (HRIS) was developed because of two major purposes: that is to help the management to reduce the cost and time of processing information and two, to help better decision making in the company. The latter is the most valuable reason for investing in this system. In general, the overall merits of the system are that it has the benefits that can be compared to ERP systems, as it is one.


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