Report on comparison of three different sources of information


Information security and reliability is one of the most important factors considered when selecting a communication channel. The channel must ensure that the information is free from distortion. In this report, three sources of information are analyzed, their advantages and disadvantages evaluated and a recommendation finally made about the most appropriate source that can be used to handle information about climatic change and adaptations.


This report aims at analyzing a newspaper article, journal article, and a policy report. After the analysis, a conclusion is made about the reliability of the articles. When looking at the newspaper, factors like the information sources are considered. We also look at the writer and the professionalism in the article. All these factors are considered in the cases of policy article and journal article.


A newspaper is usually used to report on events. Such events or news are normally not first hand information and their reference citation not a requirement. A newspaper is thus suitable for current affairs. A policy article, unlike the newspaper, is written by an expert. However, it undergoes the same political influence as that of the newspaper. A journal article is written by an expert and analyzed properly. Truth is its major concern.


In this report, similar information that is contained in three different articles is scrutinized for reliability. The truth in all the three articles is justified and then a conclusion drawn about their reliability.

We have found out that newspapers are normally for current affairs and always have political influence; policy documents also have political influence though they are written by experts. However, journals lack political influence.


From the research, we have found that newspaper articles are usually not first hand information and have no proper reference. The context within which such articles are written usually lack and the method of data collection not considered. The speed with which they are written makes it completely difficult for a substantial research to be carried out so as to verify some information. Newspaper is thus suitable for very current affairs.

Policy reports, as opposed to newspaper articles, are written by professionals and the arguments are clear with strong bases. However, like newspapers, they suffer from political bias.

Like policy reports, journal articles are also written by professionals. In these articles, truth is of utmost importance. Thorough scrutinizations of such articles by other professionals make it possible for the truth and accuracy to be maintained. Such articles are very reliable.


Considering the advantages and disadvantages of the above types of articles, it is clear that journal article is the most reliable. This is due to its key aim: to tell nothing but the truth. The proper scrutiny they are subjected to by other professionals makes it completely impossible for lies.

Journal article is thus the most reliable in handling issues like the climatic change and adaptations.