Religious prejudices as objection to same-sex marriage essay examples

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There are several things that Kartha Pollit mentioned in her article “ What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage?” that answers the question of why people object to same sex marriage. Among these objections is the issue of procreation, the societal behavior of married men versus single men, as well as the argument on the history of heterosexual marriage (549). Pollit had been able to debunk each of those objections with strong arguments.
However the objections previously stated are not what Pollit viewed as the main reason of people’s opposition. Instead, Pollit mentioned in her essay that people are against gay marriage because of their religious prejudices (550). Pollit commented that many people see marriage as something sacred and thus allowing gays or lesbians to marry would be against these people’s beliefs. To prove her point, Pollit talked about polls that stated the “ correlation of religiosity with opposition to gay marriage” (550). These polls show that those who strongly oppose gay marriage are those who are highly religious.
Pollit finds it ridiculous however that the issue of gay marriage is affected so strongly by religious prejudices when there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. She emphasized this by stating the legal side of marriage and pointing out that people can divorce even if the Church is against it and Muslim and Mormon men can practiced monogamy even if their religious teachings permits them to marry more than one woman (550).

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