Reasons for undertaking graduate study at the university of maryland

The paper ” Reasons for Undertaking Graduate Study at the University” is an excellent example of an application essay on education. The University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) is a prestigious institution with a rich history dating over a century ago, as well as a magnificent research base that would appeal not only to a prospective student but also to the world. UMCP is located just 8miles from Washington DC, which makes it more conducive for me to get to interact with the top cream of society and share ideas. Besides, UMCP’s Robert H. School of Business stands out from the rest of the park due to its exemplary record of producing graduates with the ability to adapt, to meet the needs of the ever-evolving world. The School of Business hosts faculty members who have massive experience in various facets of the business. Additionally, the program I wish to join –The Robert H. Smith Ph. D. program – was ranked number nine in the world, which makes me even more motivated to join the program. I am interested in joining UMCP to pursue my postgraduate degree in business and get a chance to forge further in the ladder at my workplace. As I had mentioned earlier, my principal reason for joining UMCP is to expose myself to greater working opportunities at my workplace – Alsaharafi Group in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I love growth and acquiring my Ph. D. would ensure the acceleration of my growth from my current Office Manager position to higher echelons of the company. Besides, by moving up in my company, I would be an inspiration to my family members, and to new members linking up with the enterprise, and confirm to them that hard work has eventual rewards.
In addition, I would like to expand my working ability in my enterprise, as well as to elevate my competencies should opportunities arise within other firms. I would my skill set to grow to a competitive level on the acquisition of my Ph. D. In addition, I would like to mentor staff at our company and take up confidence-building activities for the team as well. In this regard, I believe firmly that UMCP will help me achieve my goals. I will get a chance to meet professionals in the business field who will share my knowledge of advancements made in their sectors. Besides, I will be able to share with fellow students and adopt best practices in the business field.
If given an opportunity to join UMCP, I will become the first person in our family to acquire a Ph. D. This prospect of becoming the first person in our family to achieve high educational standards motivates me to the core. I am an overly competitive person who believes in giving my all in each endeavor that I undertake. The fact that I completed both my undergraduate studies, as well as my master’s degree within a span of five years exemplifies my desire to succeed. It was a real exacting experience; nevertheless, I kept my head trusting in my abilities until I finally accomplished the feat. I have confidence that I will replicate my past successes to a critical degree based on my desire to work hard. In addition, coupled with the high-quality staff at UMCP, I believe that my education will transcend just the Ph. D. and move into the much self-actuating realms of community service.
As a little boy, our family faced hardships that threatened to reduce my dream to become a top professional, as well as a distinguished academic. My dad had problems at his workplace and endured an unpaid suspension for a year. My father’s suspension implied that the whole family had to rely on my mother’s income, which was not able to sustain the family. My parents had an enormous difficulty paying school fees for me and my siblings that I contemplated dropping out of school at some point. However, my desire to succeed led me to take up menial jobs that helped me supplement what my parents were providing. This experience made me develop grit that has always seen me through even the most herculean of challenges.
In conclusion, I am the type of individual who revels in taking responsibility since I believe that responsibilities enhance growth. Given a chance at UMCP, I will bring a lot to the institution including my love for hard work, my desire to succeed in teams, as well as my propensity towards personal and group success. Besides, I will contribute with my knowledge in business garnered both in college as well as at my workplace to inspire more research work in the realms of business. It will be an honor to me if I get the opportunity to be associated with a great institution like UMCP. Besides, the Robert H. Smith School of Business doctoral program would be an excellent program for me to be associated with since I believe in the value of excellence in every realm of life.