Reason for academic dismissal

Now after the terrifying experience of being out of college I’ve set my priorities and set aside my problems. I have been a good student with full concentration when I joined and I will again get my grades as high as my hopes were at the time I joined this prestigious college.
I hope you would consider my appeal as ‘He who opens a school door, closes a prison (Victor Hugo). I assure you my circumstances were beyond my control. Now, I have had the courage to leave that company. I have been studying hard all this time with the hope that my appeal would be considered and I’ll be a source of pride for my College and my parents. Another strategy to improve my grades is that I have improved my living and study habits. I wake up early in the morning and go for a long walk. After that, I exercise and with that, I take a huge glass of juice. With that done I have a fresh mind and start studying as school timings with a few minutes break as well so that I don’t lose my concentration and think of fun again.
My friends are now those people who work hard to achieve success in life. I have realized that only play and no studies are not a good theory of spending life. If I get to join again I will concentrate fully during my lectures and take notes there. I am no longer dependent on anybody or anything for my happiness rather it’s my changed life and routine that has made me feel motivated enough to enjoy my life myself.
It would bring me and my family a great pleasure if I was given another chance to get my Masters degree from your prestigious college. I guarantee you that I will recover my grades and make you feel proud of me. I’ve had a few months out of school to resolve and reorganize my schedule in order to allow me to fully concentrate on my academic pursuits. I further appeal you not to let me go wandering back in that dreary life. I have now a vision of a beautiful life with a beautiful mind. I am extremely motivated and don’t want to face this failure again.