Reagan revolution through obama essay examples

Ronald Reagan was born on 6th February 1911 in Tampico, Illinois United States. He was the son t to John Edward Reagan and Nellie Wilson Reagan. He attended Dixon High School where he graduated in 1928. At Dixon Reagan was the president of the student body. He later joined the Eureka College on athletics scholarship where he majored in economic sand sociology. He graduated in 1932 and worked as the radio sports announcer in Iowa. With interest in acting he later fell in love with an actress Jane Wyman with whom they had a daughter and an adopted son. They later divorced and Reagan met yet another actress Nancy. They got married in 1952 and had two children, Ronald and Patricia. Reagan joined active politics in 1952 when he gave a televised speech for Goldwater Barry, a Republican presidential candidate. He ventured into politics and vied for Republican office two years later. However, Edmund Brown defeated him with several votes. He later became the 40th president of US in 1947. (Dunn and Dunn, 2011)
The major turning point was experienced in US between 1978 and 1980. This period was referred to as the revolutionary turning point. The major historical turning point during the Reagan Revolution was the globalization. Globalization in this case is the international economic and political integrations. Globalization debate has been prevalent in US and the government so it very necessary to embrace it. After the fall of the Soviet bloc, the US started to act unilaterally. This paved way for Bush junior to use military attack and preventive use of force in the aftermath of September. The US also invaded Iraq without the support of the UN Security Council. This was considered just because it was assumed that Iraq was making weapons of mass destruction.
Globalization has also expanded the economic space between US and other nations. During the period of socioeconomic reconstruction and the rise of individualism, the socioeconomic structure changed into industrialized one. America became a leading state in industrialization. This became the period of transformation in America. Another distinct revolution is the Hegemony. This is an intellectual and moral leadership. This revolution has an ideological functions and moral functions for productions. It influences production system and creates new forms of socioeconomic organization in US and abroad. With this America was sure of utilizing the world economy for development. The deregulation issues emerged in US in 1980s. The government of US by then under Reagan was committed to deregulate several issues in us. For example, Industrial Revolution rocked America’s economic. This brought about change in the social and economic structures in US. These economic changes affect us even today. (Dunn and Dunn, 2011)
The main impacts of the revolution are that it has placed America ahead of other countries economically, politically and socially. This can be evidenced by the way America is perceived to be the superpower politically and economically. Also the American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq has made the world to view America as opportunistic and greedy to control the world by all means.
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was reported in the USA in 1982. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) reported the presence of the disease after they diagnosed one to two people per day with the disease. It was not until December that the CDC reported that some heterosexual hemophiliacs had died after developing opportunistic infections. After it was reported, stigmatization arose; people associated the disease with intravenous drug users and gay people. However, the disease brought a lot of confusion for people did not know how it was transmitted. Gay people stopped going out and some intravenous drug users stopped using drugs. The country was thrown into confusion as medical professionals were also reluctant to investigate the real cause of the disease. By the end of 1983, the number of people diagnosed with AIDS had risen significantly. North Carolina, for example had the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases. The cases were also adversely reported in the parts of Carolina. As a result, the US government gave pharmaceutical companies license to develop a test for identifying HIV antibodies. Abbot laboratories produced the test and the government made it commercially available. In 1985, the then president Reagan mentioned AIDS for the first time in public. However, Reagan refused to advocate for sex and condom use and pushed for a ban on HIV positive immigrants. North Carolina, for example had the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases. The cases were also adversely reported in the parts of Carolina
In 1985, Rock Hudson, an actor died of AIDS. He was the first political figure to die of AIDS. This prompted the government to publish a report that was aimed at creating awareness among the citizens on HIV/AIDS. It urged the parents to talk openly to their children about the disease. The government also opted for antiretroviral treatment. In 1987, Food and Drug Administration approved AZT as the first antiretroviral drug to be used to treat AIDS. In 1990, a school boy, Ryan White, died of AIDS after a blood transfusion. The boy had put a spirited fight to be allowed to attend school. Following his death, the government implemented a program known as the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act. The government aimed at providing health care to low class people.
The American invasion of Afghanistan has raised more questions than answers. First, it was believed that invaded Afghanistan was to capture Osama bin Laden. But after they failed to capture him, they remained in that country for long. This indicates that their reason was not entirely Osama’s capture. It is also a common knowledge that China and Russia had interest in the deal but the America cut them out of the deal. This indicates that American had more than just to capture Osama. In American were reported to speeding the war in Iraq so as to occupy Afghanistan. Earlier on a Carolina based company had had planned to a deal in Afghanistan pipeline. The deal was to ensure exploitation of oil in Afghanistan. This indicates that American aim to invade was not only to fight terrorism but also to control fuel in that country.
In conclusion, HIV/AIDS brought about a lot changes in the way the people viewed those who were infected. Also the American invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was not entirely to fight terrorism but also for economic benefits.


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