Quoting essay example

Most often many writers especially the armature writers tend to make mistakes when incorporating quotations into their essays. There are various reasons as to why writers make these mistakes.
Some writers are just very lazy to refer back to the original texts, and thus end up failing to quote at all. Others rely on their memory and try to reconstruct the Author’s ideas ending up with improper quotes. These two are the kind of writers who just brush over a text and then get to writing without referring back to the original text. There are those writers who use very few quotes in their essays. These kind of writers pick up a handful of quotes and insert them into their essays just to show that they read the original text.
Other than failing to insert quotes and inserting a few quotes, writers also make mistakes in the manner in which they use their quotes. There are those writers that simply insert quotes with due disregard of introductory templates or explanation templates. They assume that by simply inserting the quotes, the reader will in some way decipher their intended purpose.
Another mistake is when writers use the wrong quotations while trying to explain a given idea. The main aim of using a quotation is strengthening one’s argument. Using a wrong quote therefore discredits a writer’s argument since a quote is supposed to support one’s argument.
The most interesting thing I read in the two chapters is the manner in which one can agree or disagree with another’s proposition at the same time. This is where by one agrees with another person’s point of view but then contradicts not necessarily by giving a diverging view, but by adding on some new ideas or bring out a new dimension to the original idea.
According to Hacker and Dreifus, “ While many Ivies describe themselves as meritocracies, Cooper Union, a no-tuition college for engineering, fine arts, and architecture, actually is one,” in simple terms, Hacker and Dreifus are reiterating that quality low coast education is possible.