Questions and answers about arts history

It was written in the early romantic era 2. Can you think of another famous composer from this period? Ambrose Thomas was also a composer during this period. He composed the operaHamlet. 3. What instruments are required to play the piece? The piano is the main instrument and sometimes only instrument used to play this piece 4. For whom was the piece originally written? This was written for and dedicated to Beethoven’s star pupil, countess Giggliest Guardia 5. When and where did the premier take place?

The original premier took place in 1 802 in the Brunswickfamilyestate when Beethoven dedicated the piece to his pupil. 6. Was this piece written early, late, or in the middle of the composer’scareer? I would say that he wrote the piece in the early to middle parts of his life. Day 2: In-Depth Focus on a Piece Learning about the history and genesis of a piece is only a small part of really getting to know it. Listen to the piece several more times. As you listen, focus on your own reactions.

The effect it has on you, the listener, is the most important thing; background information and historical data are only one piece of the puzzle. Describe your reaction to the piece, answering the questions below. 1. If there are words, what are they about? Is the text religious or secular? How does themusicsupport or describe what the text is saying? There are no words to go along with this piece 2. If the text was in another language, were you able to find a translation? If not, what do you think the subject could have been, based on what you heard?

There was no text to the music but I assume the song was like a declaration of love because he dedicated it to his passion Giggliest Guardia. 3. Describe the character of the music. Is it happy, sad, angry, pensive, tumultuous or playful? Something else? I believethis piece is soothing and calming while at the same time energetic and exciting. 4. What is your favorite thing about the piece? Describe why you like it. I like the way the piece make you feel, it take me through an entire circle of emotions every time I listen to it.