Qualifications and achievements personal statement example

What qualities do you have that will make you a good accountant?

First and foremost, as an indigenous Chinese student, we have always been observed to be very good in numbers. As such, one of the qualities I possess that will make me a good accountant is my acumen to accuracy and details. I strongly believe that one of the basic responsibilities of a good accountant is the preparation of financial statements with accuracy and transparency – those which are in accord with the standards of professionalism. With my personal skills in adherence to ethical, moral, and legal standards, patients in all undertakings, diligence and commitment to doing what is right, I content that these are crucial in the accounting profession. In addition, I am also an exceptional team worker. Accountants are expected to collaborate with other stakeholders in the organization due to the need to solicit financial inputs from diverse departments and verify the accuracy of the information that were disclosed. As such, my being a people-oriented individual, in conjunction with social and interpersonal skills makes me a perfect contender for an accounting profession. Finally, due to the demands and challenges of the job, my strong adherence to ethical principles and guidelines are paramount, as well as expected, from a good accountant. I could be flexible in discerning which endeavors are to be prioritized due to my excellent time management skills. Overall, my personal skills, multilingual skills, commendable academic performance, compliance with ethical, moral, and legal standards, as well as an optimistic and positive outlook in life, would definitely make me, not only a good accountant, but an exceptional one.

What are you hoping to achieve during your studies in the MAcc Program?

During my studies in the Master of Accounting (MAcc) Program, I hope to achieve my personal and professional goals. My personal goal is to be an instrumental contributor to the improvement of lives of my family through enabling the provision of holistic support: physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial. Concurrently, my professional goal is to become an influential accountant through adherence to accounting standards and through improving currently known accounting applications on a more global sphere. As organizations have increasingly exhibited patterns of globalization, I intend to practice the accounting profession, either in my own enterprise, or in a global organization. My multilingual skills come in handy and would be deemed a competitive advantage to the organization where I would play an important role as an accountant.
I affirm that the MAcc Program would provide me with the theoretical framework needed for accountants to succeed. Likewise, the program is expected to offer challenging course works through its multidisciplinary approach and enable the improvement of my personal skills. I look forward to the development of skills that would be most needed in my future career: leadership, entrepreneurial, introspective skills, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, among others. In addition, since I have the basic skills that are deemed requisites to becoming a good accountant, I look forward to improving these skills through course modules offered in the program. Finally, I also hope that the MAcc Program would enable improving my chances for employment in global organizations through increasing potential connections with corporate partners. I am confident that the MAcc Program would provide opportunities for my holistic growth and development which would enable fulfillment of my personal and professional goals.