Pros and cons of big data

Pros and Cons of Big Data Discuss the implications of the lack of controls over the available data and its use by commercial organizations. As corporations continue to mine large amounts of data from consumers every day, one of the concerns that arises is the issue of privacy. The publishing of such analytics sometimes leads to unwanted scenarios as participants are identified, resulting in embarrassment and law suits. Even with anonymization policies, data correlation at a later time may possibly reveal the identities of the participants. In most of these cases, participants are not even aware about the type of data being collected and even the occurrence itself. This situation is made worse by the fact that some corporations will sell this private data to other corporations. In this case, what these corporations may do with the data is anyones guess. Another concern is the fact that big data analytics are never completely accurate. Most corporations, enthusiastic about the possibilities of large data analytics, consider all analysis obtained to be valid, even when this may not always be the case.
2. How does this impact your opinion of using the internet both as a (a) consumer and as a (b) businesss user seeking to sell to consumers?
a) As a consumer, I am inclined to be cautious when I use the internet. I have to examine all corporations that want my data and only give it to those that can be trusted, while denying access to those with past negative public privacy concerns. This may involve limited interaction with social networks, using search engines which value anonymity like DuckDuckGo and opting out of data collection programs when possible and appropriate.
b) As a business user, I support the idea that no data should be collected without prior approval of the consumer. In as much as marketing should be tailored to the preferences of each potential buyer, it should not infringe on their privacy. As such, websites which use cookies to tailor adverts should have a limit on what data should be collected for this purpose.
3. Considering the issues with data accuracy, secondary use of the collected data and need to protect the rights of users of web services such as Facebook, email, etc. What changes would you suggest to address the abuse of data on the internet?
First, this data collection should only be done with the consent of the user. They should be given an option to opt in or out of the program. The corporations should give a precise indication of the type of data that will be collected, the purpose that it will serve, what anonymity measures will be taken to protect the privacy of the user, how long the data will be stored and finally, a review of the secondary parties that this data will be made available to. Data trade should be restricted and monitored by appropriate bodies. Laws should be enacted to address the violation of privacy by corporations.