The New Registration System in The New Registration System in New registration system in will enable students to register and access their details quickly and easily. The system should be able to accommodate large volume of students effectively and faster. The new registration system in university needs application of certain software and hardware.
The new university registration is designed in a way that, it allows students using internet to add or drop course and register online (Doyle, 2000). The students are able to access their grades and also register for courses they need to undertake at every given semester. Currently, the number of new university registration system has increased making it difficulty to access information. Sometime the system fails to operate while in other times it is busy in away that an individual can not access information faster. For effectiveness in this system, application of some hardware and software is necessary (Reynolds, 2009).
Problem Statement
Mostly, it becomes difficulty for university registration system to cope with the large volume of registration received during the registration time and this is brought about long distance charges and busy signals. In order to make an improvement the system must be installed with the right software and hardware to cope with large volume of users.
The objectives of the study are;
Identifying the requirements of the university new registration system
Identifying the required software and hardware for the system to operate effectively
Determining the problems in the new registration system in university
Software and Hardware Requirement
The required software includes VRU supporting software (Kirk, 2009). Microsoft internet explorer 11. 0, 10. 0, 9. 0 and 8. 0 is necessary for registration process (Bott, 2005).
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