Project spent with in the first 8 month•

Project Product DescriptionProject: Release: Date: Prince2Author: Owner: Client: Document Ref: Version No: 1Project Product Description History1. 1Document LocationThis Document Is Only Valid On The Day It Was Printed. 1. 2Revision HistoryRevision DatePrevious Revision DateSummary Of ChangesChanges MarkedFirst Issue1. 3ApprovalsThis Document Requires The Following Approvals.. NameSignatureTitleDate Of IssueVersion1. 4DistributionThis Document Has Been Distributed To: NameTitleDate Of IssueVersion                                                          Index23Title4Purpose5Composition6 Derivation7Development Skills Required8Customer’s Quality Expectations9Acceptance Criteria10 Project Level Quality Tolerances11 Acceptance Method12 Acceptance Responsibilities 3TitleTrusted England Company4PurposeCompany verify the product sell by the industries on basis of quality through website that checks and reviews product that are being sold to assure the quality for the consumers while helping the manufacturers stand out from their competition. 5CompositionThey Are Two Main Things,•Website•Establishment6Derivation•Team Expansion•Images Ready•Content Management•Network Ready•Web Server Ready•Decoration Consultant7Development Skills Required•Java script •Html•Wire Frame•Hosting Plan•Front End Developers•Back End Developers•Programmer8Customer’s Quality ExpectationsPriority 1: Website •Building an extension on Google chrome to allow customers ease accessing to product without necessary going through the company website. Priority 2: Establishment•Renting Of a Higher Building within The Teesside Neighbourhood.•Decoration of Ambiance. 9Acceptance Criteria and Project Level Quality Tolerances The investment that can be done: •No more expense can be spent with in the first 8 month•Website should completed within the 5 month•Company should be in main heart of Teesside •The function on site to give manufacturer and customer to check the validity of the awards. 11Acceptance MethodMethod used for quality check of the products and to review the old product quality. 12Acceptance Responsibilities•Project manager will collect all reports and hand them to the appropriate person.•Executive will check each and every amount spent on project means all over Project costs.•All acceptance criteria will be carried out by Senior user.