Project proposal essay sample


Pharmacy involves the occupation of prescribing medication to patients suffering from various conditions. Pharmacists work either as independent pharmacists, selling drugs in chemists/ drug stores, or under a medical facility administering drugs prescribed by a doctor. The main occupation of a pharmacist is prescribing the correct medication to patients for a certain ailment. Whether working under a health institution or as independent pharmacists, they still provide an invaluable service to society without which the practice of medicine would be impossible.

Importance of the study

Pharmacy is a fascinating career, the idea of helping people choose the right medication for conditions affecting them is a noble and fruitful to contribute to society. However, much remains unknown about this profession to the high school and college students contemplating taking up pharmacy as a career. This information is important to me as a prospective pharmacist, and to other persons who might need to utilize it in making a decision on the career they wish to pursue. Guided interest in a career is often more productive than stumbling upon a career by chance that turns out to be the opposite of expectations. Careful research prior to joining a certain field is paramount in ensuring job satisfaction

The benefits of this study

The study shall focus on many aspects of the pharmaceutical profession, utilizing various sources in order to draw its conclusions. The research shall be conducted from the primary source of interviews with practicing pharmacists as well as research on the internet as well as medical journals holding relevant information on pharmacists. The use of various sources for information on pharmaceutical profession ensures that the decision made out of the findings is well informed by a wide field of opinion. The benefit majorly expected of this study is to help in making sound decisions with regards to profession choice. The other benefit accruing from this study is like a tool to evaluate the level of satisfaction enjoyed by the existing practitioners, and noting which variation of the profession holds more promise a satisfying career than the other. The final findings from the research will be reported in the research findings report.


A literature review of previous studies relevant to my study will be conducted. The claims laid in the literature reviewed will be analyzed for their accuracy and representation of the situations described. The study shall utilize both qualitative and quantitative methods in drawing up its conclusions. The qualitative analogies will be supported by quantitative representation of the actual pharmacists interviewed and responded in a certain qualitative way. In this manner, the differences in findings amongst the various pharmacists will be evaluated quantitatively to determine the prevalent opinion over a contentious issue.


The ability to gather and report information is useful in determining its usefulness. Research conducted into a particular field is an important addition to the field of knowledge studied, as each research has its unique differentiating point from possible previous studies carried out in the field. The conduct of research on the field of pharmacy seeks to add to the information available on the profession. Tailored research onto the field ensures that I achieve an objective view onto a specific aspect of the profession while also increasing my general knowledge ability in the subject. The conduct of this research, therefore, will be an important step informing me towards making the appropriate career choice.