Project characteristics research paper

Project Characteristics

The work done in organizations can be divided into two major categories; normal operations and projects. According to project Insight (2012), operations are what make up an organization’s ongoing, routine activities. Projects, on the other hand, are quiet different. An organization must dedicate time and resources to cater for these two as they are equally important in the running and success of the organization.

Projects have distinct characteristics as noted by Project Insight (2012). First of all, they are temporary. They are started with an objective to achieve a given goal. They also have a time frame from the beginning to the end. One the goal has been achieved, the project is declared over. The projects are also initiated for specific purposes. They are initiated once an organization identifies a need. In the process of solving the problem or satisfying the need, a project is initiated, definitely, the project ends with the accomplishment of the mission or the solution to a problem. As such, it can be said that the difference between a project and normal operations is that the normal operations are ongoing and consistent. On the other hand, projects are short-lived and aim to fulfill a specific purpose.

In order to bring a clearer understanding of the concept of projects and normal operations, it would be important to give examples of each. In an organization, the normal operations can include production, sales, accounting, distribution and other activities that are considered normal for the running of an organization. Projects, on the other hand, can include upgrading the production units in the organization, expansion of the warehouses, acquisition of new facilities and technologies among others. Based on these examples, it is quiet clear that operations are on-going while projects are temporal. This is the main difference between the two.


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