Problem behaviour syndrome essay sample

Problem Behaviour Syndrome is comprised of a cluster of different antisocial behaviors. More often than not, the syndrome can cause one to exhibit criminal tendencies. When I think of this issue, there is one particular family member of mine who comes to mind. This is my cousin Vinnie, who has a criminal history and who I think is a classic example of this behaviour syndrome. Vinnie possesses a cluster of various antisocial behaviors.
At the age of thirteen, he was once sent off a scouting camp for a brutal assault on another scouts member. By the age of fifteen, he had stopped going to school. In addition, he had become a frequent alcohol and cigarette abuser. To add salt to injury, Vinnie got a girl pregnant at the same age of 15 in spite of the fact that he had no job and could not therefore support his new baby. Currently, Vinnie is serving a 13 year sentence at a state penitentiary for sexually assaulting a minor.
Vinnie’s behaviour did not develop overnight. He started with small acts like the smoking, skipping school and shoplifting. These small actions eventually escalated into bigger things like armed robbery, violent behavior and marijuana peddling and smoking.
His parents were not amused by his behaviour and they sought various modes to rectify it. They even once had him commited to a mental institution but it did not work. When he was around his family, he seemed like the happiest person alive, but everyone knew that there was something wrong or missing in his behaviour. For example, there was a time he stole his father’s old Alfa Romeo and drove all the way to Las Vegas. The motor blew up and rather than telling his parents, Vinnie left the car on the roadside and went come home empty handed.
It’s a pity to seeing the state that Vinnie is in. I wish there was a way that we could have helped him to avert this behaviour.