Preparation for nursing school research paper example

Paddle surfing is my favorite hobby. Before enrolling in nursing school, I used to go paddle surfing in the sea at least once or twice in the summer. At the sea, I used to see a particular sea lion, which popped its head and faced in my direction. I saw the animal so often that I named it Taki, a Japanese word that describes a plunging waterfall. One day I went out to the sea and saw the sea lion twisting in a weird way. I paddled over and freaked out when I saw a red marine rope made of hemp wrapped around its neck and one of the fins. I attempted to remove the line with my paddle, but it was in vain. Instinctively, I jumped into the water to save Taki but the animal plunged into the water and I never saw the sea lion again. Since the incident, I swore to myself that I would study medical science. I hoped that the medical expertise would make me useful in case Taki resurfaced with the rope still around the neck and fin. The incident taught me the value of having skills that can help in caring for those in need. Therefore, I chose to pursue nursing in order to provide professional care to hurting patients.
The nursing profession is significant in healthcare because it deters illnesses and injuries through treatment. In addition, it lessens the patient’s suffering through diagnosis and care (Nursing World). Research shows that nursing is among United States’ fastest growing professions (Raines and Taglaireni), with an unemployment rate of only 2%. Further, the job offers a mean annual salary of nearly US $ 60, 970 (Raines and Taglaireni). Therefore, nursing is among the few professions that are very challenging, but highly rewarding (Golden Living). In addition, nursing increases the chances of joining the lucrative healthcare industry in the US. It is often difficult to become part of an organization that promotes the comfort of suffering patients. However, one of the top nursing schools in the US, Columbia University, explains that holding a nursing degree makes it easier to enter the healthcare industry (Columbia University Medical Center).
The ultimate preparation for any academic related field involves having an adequate level of preparedness because the study of nursing is a rigorous and time-consuming process (Raines and Taglaireni). Part of being prepared includes possessing the required lecture materials such as textbooks for the different classes. An easily accessible locker is also useful for keeping heavy books and writing materials. In addition, adequate preparation requires one to have a calendar, watch, and internet access. Research is a crucial aspect of the nursing program (Mid Michigan Community College (MMCC)). Hence, having a personal computer can boost one’s performance significantly. For a nursing student, however, a laptop is better than a desktop computer because it is convenient for carrying to the classroom or library.
Nurse Groups argue that preparations also go hand in hand with being organized. A well-organized student can overcome academic difficulties. Therefore, a ‘ To-do’ list is recommended for the nursing students. Such a list can help one to plan the handling of academic work, co-curriculum programs, and personal activities. Consequently, the ‘ To-Do’ list can help one to prioritize the various tasks. Proper planning, therefore, requires one to adhere to a properly planned schedule in which each task is allocated to a particular time (Nurse Groups).
MMCC observes that the development of a proper study plan aids students in the nursing school. In nursing, studying is essential and reading ahead helps to prepare one before a particular lesson. In addition, it increases understanding of the study content and ameliorates academic performance. In studying ahead, one can identify the priority subjects. Thus, the student can prioritize the hard and tasking units in comparison to the less tasking subjects. Reading ahead has always proven helpful to many students (MMCC).
Further, MMCC argues that it is necessary to bond with other nursing students while in the school. The bonding can be achieved by joining a study group that draws strength from the different individuals. Study groups keep one disciplined and increase the understanding of the various topics. Since nursing is associated with jargons and twisted explanations, study groups are among the most efficient strategies for solving the academic problems experienced in nursing school (MMCC).
Utica admits that the cost of nursing school is so profound that most people lack funds for college tuition. The tuition issue, however, should not deter one from joining nursing school. Primarily, colleges and universities have established payment plans for students pursuing nursing. For example, the Utica College offers several options for nursing students to finance themselves (Utica). Nevertheless, it is advisable to make early preparations for funding before joining nursing school in order to reduce financial worries.
The Commuter insists that a lack of fear is crucial to succeeding in nursing school. Usually, nursing students fear the gigantic books, complex terminologies, long learning hours, and practical aspects of the human anatomy classes. Fear can adversely affect aspirations and prevent one from succeeding in nursing. Therefore, a career in nursing requires one to let go of unrealistic fear that obscures the ultimate goal (The Commuter).
Various social and historical issues contribute to the female dominance in nursing. For example, Florence Nightingale, known as the founder of the modern nursing practice, promoted the image of nurses as nurturing, subordinate and female (Olin). However, the rising number of males that apply for admission to nursing school has altered the historical image of nursing (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)). In today’s generation, nursing school is a place for both male and female students. Therefore, one should not hold onto the idea that nursing is a female profession.
Heacock points out that volunteering in the health care industry is an effective strategy for preparing oneself for the nursing school. Most hospitals, clinics, and home-care units have voluntary programs. One should volunteer in such programs in order to evaluate one’s abilities and fitness in nursing. Moreover, it serves as a useful exposure to the profession. Therefore, the volunteer work clarifies the expectations of nursing school (Heacock).
According to Blake et al., adopting a healthy lifestyle is another significant aspect of preparing oneself for the nursing school. In a nursing career, one should be an excellent role model for the patients. Consequently, one should stop unhealthy habits, such as excessive alcohol consumption, as well as cigarette smoking (Blake et al.). Someone already engrossed in such practices should seek help from a rehabilitation facility. In addition, adopting habits like the washing of hands before eating and after visiting toilets can set a good example for one’s future patients. One should also learn to avoid or overcome stressful situations. High stress levels can hinder the nurse’s productivity and exasperate the care provided to the patients (University Alliance). Hence, learning to avoid stress or overcome it when it occurs is crucial to succeeding in the nursing career.
One should take time to learn what a nursing career entails. One can acquire such lessons by visiting various infirmaries and interviewing different nurses. The process can be achieved by booking appointments with different nurses and formulating effective techniques for asking questions. Approaches used to seek information may include questionnaires and one-on-one interviews. Crucial information concerning the nursing profession can be gathered from such encounters and allow one to succeed in the nursing school.
Studying for the profession can be very tasking; hence, keeping one’s mind in the right perspective can be highly useful. Further, having a positive attitude and a clear point of view will prevent one from giving up due to the rigors of the nursing school (MMCC).
Finally, the most important aspect is to keep in mind the reason for choosing nursing as a career. The nursing classes, textbooks, and assignments can be frustrating (Chapman and Orb). Therefore, remembering one’s motivation for joining nursing school can help to overcome such frustrations (MMCC). Taki, the sea lion, is what drove me to nursing school. Taki is the motivation that will help me in overcoming the hardships of the nursing school.
In conclusion, the steps discussed in the present paper are significant and crucial for every individual interested in the nursing career. The steps can guide and prepare one adequately before joining the school. Moreover, studying for the profession is nerve racking but the right push, attitude, and perspective can allow one to overcome the rigors of nursing school.

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