Positive and negative attributes in your culture essay examples

Saudi Arabia’s culture is pillared on an Arab set culture with a good economy. This has been due to their exclusive manner of life which in its peculiar way preserves its centuries old heritage contributed by various attributes of the country. Some of these attributes are positive while others are negative with regards to business management. In this paper, I will highlight on honesty as a positive issue and dictatorship as a negative element would affect the country’s culture.

Honesty is according to the oxford dictionary refers to the act of being truthful, sincere or frank. This would be a positive issue in the country since this aid or encourage better relations between managers and their employees. An example would be that, as a director or manager in a company one let employees be open about their ideas at work. Long term relationships promote trust between people, of which strengthens the business working environment where everyone knows each other. This would in turn help in generating new, innovative ideas for a working enterprise which may lead to positive growth. This is opposite to the fact where command and main decisions come from one sole controller.

On the other hand, dictatorship by definition means a country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is used by a person exercising absolute power. In business management, this would be an undesirable element since it would not encourage diversity in the business environment. An example would be when it comes to decision making. Business decisions would be hierarchical. Mostly all decisions would be made by the highest-ranking person making it is slow. This can cost a business a lot in terms of opportunity or market gaps.

In conclusion, I do have confidence in that everybody is eligible to liberty of speech and expression in every working environment; control via fear (dictatorship) is not a valid basis for conducting business.


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